Medical Device Manufacturing Air Monitoring

How ChemDAQ Helps

Ensure a Safe Work Environment against Ethylene Oxide

Medical device manufacturers and contract sterilization companies use large amounts of 100% Ethylene Oxide.  Occupational safety monitoring is needed to protect workers from exposure to toxic ppm levels.
ChemDAQ Steri-Trac® area monitors are available for both standard and Intrinsically Safe applications. For ppm concentrations, Steri-Trac EtO monitors employ electrochemical sensors and our patented Chemical Filter technology to provide accurate and continuous monitoring while greatly reducing false alarms from common interferents. 
Since EtO is a combustible gas, Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) monitoring is also required to protect against explosion. ChemDAQ LEL sensors use highly reliable infrared technology.


Post EtO Sterilization

  • EtO off-gassing creates challenges for Transportation and Supply Chain operations.  ChemDAQ's SafeCide™ portable EtO monitoring system and Steri-Trac fixed area monitors provide the tools necessary to manage EtO off-gassing from Post Sterilization through Transportation and Distribution Center operations.  Contact ChemDAQ to learn more about monitoring and control of EtO off-gassing here.