Fixed and Portable Gas Detection Solutions 

Monitoring technologies designed to protect your people and processes 

Protecting Your People Protects Your Business!

Chemical exposures can happen anytime for a myriad of reasons, potentially affecting your workers' safety & health which can affect production output and your bottom line. 

The best way to mitigate the risk of chemical exposure negatively effecting your business is a customized solution tailored to your operation.  


Why Partner with ChemDAQ?

ChemDAQ offers a range of monitoring solutions that are selective, accurate and reliable at low detection limits for the specialty chemicals you use.

From spot checking to personal monitoring to continuous area monitoring, ChemDAQ can help ensure your operations run safely and smoothly. 

ChemDAQ air monitoring sensor

Establish a Higher Standard of Safety

The most effective way to provide the maximum amount of protection for your workers is continuous, around-the-clock monitoring.  This “Top 5 Reasons to Monitor” article explains why.

Maintaining a Safe Work Environment is the Law

Regulations, exposure limits and industry standards have been outlined by OSHA and other organizations to protect workers and maintain a safe work environment.   

Industries We Serve



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Protein Processing Plants

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Food & Beverage Packaging Plants

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Medical Device Sterilization

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What Our Clients Say  

"The ChemDAQ sensors and remote displays have improved overall safety within our sterile processing department. The sensors are reliable and easy to change. During an incident, the remote displays and monitors helped us determine where the gas leak originated and that air flow throughout the department was not operating properly."

Joseph J. Junemann •  Clement J. Zablocki V AMC  

"With the SafeCide portable monitoring system, the team is able to see the numbers AND the bright green background. We love the ease of getting real-time results and displaying them as we walk through the facility.  The unit is easy to use and carry."

C.W., Safety Manager • Protein Processing Plant

"We have used ChemDAQ systems in this hospital for over a decade. Installation and support are handled very well, and the equipment is very reliable. Replacing the sensors takes very little time and they arrive already calibrated."

Ron Laatsch • Meriter Hospitcal Biomedical Service

"ChemDAQ’s Steri-Trac Hydrogen Peroxide Monitoring System protects our greatest asset: our staff. The system provides staff safety and peace of mind, which allows us to focus on our work and patient safety.

Karen Nickles CST, CRCST, CHL • Shriners Hospitals for Children in Cincinnati

Is Your Work Environment Safe? Contact ChemDAQ.

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