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ChemDAQ was incorporated in 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the vision of ensuring the continued safe use of hazardous chemicals by monitoring the environment where people work. Cutting-edge gas detection systems, designed and manufactured by ChemDAQ, were initially used in hospital and medical device sterilization operations in the United States. We broadened our reach outside the US and now have monitoring systems in hundreds of hospital sterile processing departments and med-device mfrs. throughout the US, Europe and Asia.   

In 2016, ChemDAQ expanded its gas detection systems to serve customers in food & beverage processing, water treatment facilities and other industries that use Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide or Ethylene Oxide. Over 73% of poultry plants in the US now have ChemDAQ systems in use, protecting their workers and keeping production moving.

ChemDAQ is a leading advocate of safe practices and works with several government regulatory agencies and trade organizations to create safer work environments. We team up with industry leaders to develop best practices for the use of high-level, antimicrobial disinfectants and other chemistries used every day in hospitals and food & beverage processing plants worldwide. ChemDAQ staff serves on several standards committees to establish recommended exposure limits and regulations. These recommendations contribute to ensuring safety standards for chemical exposure levels that are reasonable for employers and does not over burden them with undue costs.

ChemDAQ has participated in several studies conducted by governmental and educational institutions by contributing our monitoring systems and expertise to the final report. These reports help establish guidelines for the safe use of chemicals by determining what level of chemical exposure is considered safe. The research gathered aides ChemDAQ’s mission to keep workers safe while using hazardous chemicals.

David M. Hilliker
President & CEO of ChemDAQ Inc.

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