Sensor Exchange Program (SXP®)

ChemDAQ’s exclusive SXP service provides you with the assurance that your monitoring system sensors are calibrated and accurate. This is done by delivering timely and consistent factory pre-calibrated sensors for the Steri-Trac® and SafeCide  monitors.

The SXP Program  minimizes the time you spend maintaining your Steri-Trac and SafeCide monitoring systems. ChemDAQ centrally manages the maintenance schedule providing pre-calibrated sensors at prescribed intervals. 

ChemDAQ Sensor Exchange Program Manage Monitor Measure Graphic

Sensor Exchange Program (SXP) Three Step Process

1.  ChemDAQ notifies designated SXP contact person at your facility when it's time for new sensor(s)

2. ChemDAQ ships factory pre-calibrated sensors for each specific chemical along with calibration certificates. 

3. Designated SXP contact person connects new sensor(s) to monitor(s) and return expired sensor(s) to ChemDAQ in the shipping container provided using the pre-addressed, pre-paid return shipping label.

If you have a question about your current SXP term or would like to renew your SXP please contact us at: or (412) 788-0202 ext. 240 

and if you have a question about your sensor shipment please contact us at 
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