Establish a Higher Standard of Safety in Your Sterilization or Endoscopy Department

Healthcare workers use high concentrations of Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethylene Oxide in sterilization processes daily to ensure patient safety. Keeping the workers safe from known health risks that come from chemical overexposure is achievable with a gas detection monitoring system.    

Find  Hot Spots

Monitor  Your Environment   


Analyze Exposure Data


Accurate Readings


Leading medical facilities trust ChemDAQ’s reliable and accurate patented technology suite



SafeCide 2.0

Use our handheld monitor to check for dangerous hot spots and leaks. This portable device provides real-time measurements of toxic vapors produced by Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethylene Oxide. 

ChemDAQ SafeCide 2.0 handheld monitor
On-the-spot measurements of chemical vapors in parts per million (PPM)  
Bluetooth sensor works up to 30 feet for added worker safety and convenience

Track and export exposure data to the cloud for ongoing analysis 
Receive messaging alerts by email
Industrial Hygiene Mode for Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposure 

Steri-Trac 2

Install the Steri-Trac 2 throughout your work environment as a stationery monitor to continuously track Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethylene Oxide vapors in the air. It can also be used to activate your ventilation system.   

ChemDAQ Steri-Trac 2 stationery monitor
Outputs both visual and audible alerts to proactively prevent exposure
Fixed display using an acrylic stand or wall mount

Easy to set up and use 
Produces an “Impending Alert” when exposure is approaching unsafe limits
Collects and stores exposure data in the cloud for ongoing analysis and reporting 

Data Acquisition System

This area monitoring and archival computer software solution continuously Gathers, Analyzes, Reports, Displays and Stores (GARDS) immediate and long-term exposure data for up to 32 areas simultaneously.     

ChemDAQ Data Acquisition System
Increase effectiveness of individual area monitors
Centralize all your monitoring data

Compare all exposure levels to OSHA standards and requirements  

  Document & store exposure, maintenance, & calibration histories of each area monitoring unit

Display Exposure Data

Let employees know a space is safe before they enter. Our Remote Video Display shows all the stats from your Data Acquisition System on a single monitor while the Remote Display Repeater duplicates readings from one or more monitored spaces from a safe distance. 

E-Cell Sensor

Unlike other suppliers, ChemDAQ’s sensors are calibrated with Hydrogen Peroxide test gas and Ethylene Oxide test gas to ensure accurate and consistent readings.   These sensors also feature patented filter technology that removes interferent gas for a truly accurate reading of Peracetic Acid vapor. The E-Cell sensor powers our portable SafeCide 2.0 monitor and the stationary Steri-Trac 2 Area monitor.

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