COVID-19 underscores the importance of workplace safety for employees in the critical healthcare industry

At ChemDAQ, we are proud to say that workplace safety is ingrained in our DNA. We exist solely to help our customers maintain safe, productive work environments for their employees, every single day. Now more than ever, as COVID-19 quickly changes the game for safety and health standards around the world, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge innovation and best-in-class gas detection products throughout the overburdened healthcare industry.

In the coming months, government regulations and safety protocols will continue to evolve as researchers learn more about COVID-19 and how it spreads to others. Our team is prepared to stay at the forefront of these changing guidelines. ChemDAQ routinely advocates for safe practices with government agencies and trade organizations. And, we work alongside industry leaders to develop best practices for the use of the low temperature gas sterilants and liquid chemical disinfectants used every day to ensure safety in hospitals.

Advancing Workplace Safety for the Healthcare Industry

A critical part of a hospital’s safety protocols includes the monitoring of chemicals released into the air during sterile processing. Our vapor monitors help manage breathing environments and validate whether the vapor concentration in the air is safe for workers. 

Undoubtedly, sterilization technology and processes will continue to advance rapidly given the onset of the COVID19 virus. Front-line sterilization technicians process more equipment and instruments, as well as items they haven’t had to sterilize in the past, than ever before. All of these factors increase the potential for employee exposure. It’s imperative that the monitoring of the vapor levels in the air be a critical part of every hospital’s safety practices, especially at a time when workers are acting faster than ever. 

Balancing the health of employees and patients

Front-line sterilization technicians must use the most powerful disinfectants and sterilants possible to clean and sterilize each instrument and piece of equipment between uses. This is essential to patient health and safety! At the same time, however, these front-line technicians are potentially exposed to and breathing in vapors from these strong chemicals. So how do you ensure the benefit outweighs the risk at all times?

Through continuous high-tech gas monitoring equipment, employees can stay safe from excessive levels of harmful vapors. ChemDAQ’s monitors give hospital leadership and front-line technicians peace of mind so they can continue to do their jobs quickly and efficiently while focusing on patient well-being and safety. 

As COVID19 attempts to embed itself around the world, we promise to continue working alongside educational institutions, government agencies, trade organizations, industry leaders and our clients to ensure we provide the latest technology and measures to ensure workplace safety.

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