Sensor Exchange Program (SXP)

Timely and consistent shipments of factory pre-calibrated sensors for your ChemDAQ chemical monitoring system.



Customers purchase a year's worth of SXP coverage up front with every Steri-Trac, SafeCide, and/or VaporAlert monitor purchase. 


SXP coverage begins with the shipment of equipment for self-installed monitor purchases or the completion of a purchased on-site ChemDAQ product commissioning.


The SXP guarantees a freshly calibrated sensor every four months, for a total of three factory pre-calibrated sensors per monitor, per year. 


ChemDAQ ships the pre-calibrated sensor for the specific chemical measured at each monitoring point, along with a calibration certificate for your records. 


After completing the first year of the SXP, customers must renew coverage annually. 


Returns & Exchanges

The SXP centers around safety, but program success is contingent on timely attention and participation throughout each sensor exchange cycle. 

Each pre-calibrated sensor is shipped with a pre-paid return label. The SXP contact at each facility is responsible for not only connecting the new sensor, but also returning the expired sensor to ChemDAQ using the pre-paid, pre-addressed return label.

Upon receipt of a new pre-calibrated sensor,  customers have up to 10 days to complete the return. Sensors that are not returned are subject to a lost sensor charge of $1,500 per sensor.   


Sensors can change over time, so all gas sensors require calibration at regular intervals. The calibration process ensures that the system is working properly and that the sensor’s response to the gas is accurate.

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ChemDAQ specializes in providing gas monitors for various chemical biocides, most of which are highly reactive. The more reactive the gas, the more hazardous the gas and more difficult the calibration process becomes. By housing the calibration process in ChemDAQ’s factory, customers can be assured their calibration has been completed properly, using the same gasses our sensors are designed to detect. 

ChemDAQ calibrates each sensor to the appropriate target test gas. The gas mixtures we use are analyzed and certified to be a specific gas concentration. And for those gasses we can’t purchase in a compressed gas cylinder (like Peracetic Acid/PAA), we generate our own vapors to analyze in-house. 

The sensors are exposed to both zero air and span gas (test gas containing target gas) and the output from the sensor modules is tracked with a custom-designed computer data acquisition system. This system guides the technician through the calibration process, while measuring the sensitivity, response time and many other parameters of sensor response. 

If all the parameters are met, then the sensor passes. If the sensor does not pass, it is withdrawn from service. 

Yes, all of our calibration records are stored in a database that provides full traceability. Any additional testing, such as as-received test data, may be an additional charge. 

If a returned sensor is found to be sub par, it will be replaced by ChemDAQ at no cost. Similarly, if a sensor were to ever fail onsite, simply give us a call (1-800-245-3310), and we will send a replacement to you at no charge. 

On each new sensor, you will find a calibration sticker that states when the calibration is due for the sensor. This date is normally 4 months from the actual calibration date and should correspond to the time when you should expect the freshly calibrated sensor for exchange. 

The calibration on the sensors tends to hold, so if you’re past the date, the sensor is likely still within specification and will be cleared for use until the exchange sensor arrives. The LED indicator on the sensor will help provide guidance on sensor calibration status (see below). 

The LED on the sensor is designed to change color depending on the time when calibration is due. The LED will remain green until the sensor is about to reach the 4-month mark. 

At around the 4-month mark from calibration, the LED light will change to an orange/yellow color. At that point if the exchange sensor has not arrived, please contact ChemDAQ’s Technical Services team to inquire about your sensor exchange. 

If the LED light turns red or flashes red, that indicates that the sensor is due for calibration. SXP customers should not see that condition, but if you do, please contact Technical Services immediately. 

At 6 months post-calibration, the sensor will shut off and will not be able to be read by your area monitor or tablet. Please contact Technical Services if you encounter this. 

Each factory pre-calibrated sensor comes with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return label. Once the old sensor is removed and the fresh sensor is installed, simply place the old sensor in the original packaging and use the pre-paid label to mail back to ChemDAQ. If you need new packing materials or a new return label, please contact Technical Services.  

Annual SXP participation is quoted to each customer based on their ChemDAQ equipment inventory. Quotes can vary from year-to-year. 

No. During your second and third sensor exchange cycles, you will begin to receive information on how to renew your SXP coverage for the next year. For questions or to renew in advance, contact SXP Contacts. 

If you don’t renew your annual SXP participation, your account will be placed on hold which will suspend pre-calibrated sensor shipments. Without freshly calibrated sensors, your monitors will stop measuring gas levels around 6 months out from the last sensor exchange, putting workers at risk.  We will happily restore your account upon receipt of payment or purchase order including a 10% restoral fee.

Additional Questions? We're here to help! 

For questions related to your current SXP contract or to renew, contact or call 412-788-0202 ext. 240.

For questions related to your sensor shipment and/or returns, contact or call 1-800-245-3310 ext. 310.

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