Peracetic Acid Monitoring Solutions

ChemDAQ was the first to develop a patent pending sensor to detect Peracetic Acid in the workplace. Our E-Cell® Sensor works with the portable SafeCide 2.0 monitor and stationary Steri-Trac 2+ ®  monitor.

Peracetic Acid E-Cell Sensor

 ChemDAQ peracetic acid sensor with patented filter to give accurate real-time monitoring

The E-Cell sensor provides a truly accurate reading of Peracetic Acid vapors due to an innovative filter that removes all H202. Unlike other suppliers, our sensors are always calibrated with Peracetic Acid test gas to ensure top safety performance. 

Sensor Exchange Program

Our exclusive E-Cell Sensor Exchange Program minimizes the time and materials needed to maintain your Peracetic Acid monitoring system. This service also provides assurance that your monitoring system sensors are consistent, accurate and reliable.  

Easy as 1, 2, 3

A new, fully calibrated E-Cell replacement sensor will be sent to you three times a year. Replacing the gas sensor is a simple, 3-step process:

    1. Open the box
    2. Connect the new sensor
    3. Return expired sensor in the pre-paid box provided by ChemDAQ

ChemDAQ SafeCide peracetic acid portable monitor being used in the meat processing industry

ChemDAQ SafeCide 2.0 Peracetic Acid Portable Monitor

SafeCide 2.0 Peracetic Acid Portable Monitor

ChemDAQ’s portable, handheld monitoring system to manage Peracetic Acid exposure is a rugged device built to withstand everyday use. 


  • Fast, accurate, real-time measurements of chemical vapors in parts per million (PPM)

  • Bluetooth sensor works up to 30 feet for added worker safety and convenience

  • Track and export exposure data to the cloud for ongoing analysis

  • Receive messaging alerts by email

  • Includes two modes of operation

    • Environment Sampling Mode: Spot checking

    • Industrial Hygiene Mode for Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposure (8 hours TWA and 15 minute TWA)

Download SafeCide 2.0 Brochure

Steri-Trac 2+ Area Monitor

The Steri-Trac 2+ is a fully integrated, intuitive system with flexible options for monitoring hazardous Peracetic Acid vapor levels in real-time. 


  • Easy to set up and use

  • Fixed display using an acrylic stand or wall mount

  • Outputs both visual and audible alerts to proactively prevent exposure

  • Produces an "Impending Alert" when expsoure is approaching unsafe limits

  • Collects and stores exposure data for ongoing analysis and reporting

ChemDAQ Steri-Trac 2+ Area Monitor

ChemDAQ Data Acquisition System (DAQ)

Data Acquisition System (DAQ)

Our Data Acquisition System is an area monitoring and archival system. The computer software system continuously Gathers, Analyzes, Reports, Displays and Stores (GARDS) immediate and long term Peracetic Acid exposure data for up to 32 areas simultaneously.


Increases the effectiveness of individual area monitors because it:

  • Centralizing all monitoring data

  • Comparing all exposure levels to OSHA standards and requirements

  • Documents and stores all exposure, maintenance and calibration histories of each area monitoring unit

Remote Video Display (RVD)

Information duplicated from your Data Acquisition System can be displayed on a fixed monitor to view all sensor data in a single location. Let all employees see a space is safe for entry by installing the Remote Video Display outside a door that leads into the are being monitored. 

ChemDAQ Remote Video Display (RVD)

Remote Display Repeater (RDR)

Our Remote Display Repeater allows you to see a room’s exposure levels from a safe distance. It’s typically wall-mounted outside of monitored areas and repeats information received from the fixed monitor, which can connect to one or more remote displays. 

ChemDAQ Remote Display Repeater (RDR)

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Disclaimer: The Data Acquisition System is not intended to meet OSHA requirements for initial and follow-up personnel monitoring. The Area Monitor units of the Data Acquisition System do fulfill OSHA requirements for alerting employees in emergency situations.

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