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April 2019 — 185 views Healthcare IAHSCMM

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March 2018 — 113 views Healthcare IAHSCMM

If You Were Monitoring Ethylene Oxide, Then Why Aren’t You Monitoring Hydrogen Peroxide?

November 2017 — 123 views Ethylene Oxide Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide

US Researchers Link Disinfectant To Hospital Staff Health Problems

November 2017 — 83 views Healthcare Peracetic Acid

AAMI Approves Regulatory Guidance Report

November 2017 — 93 views AAMI Healthcare

Don’t Always Blame the Sterilizer for Leaks of Sterilant Chemicals

May 2017 — 61 views Healthcare

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April 2017 — 92 views Healthcare IAHSCMM

What chemicals are used in my sterilizer or high-level disinfectant equipment?

April 2017 — 59 views Healthcare

The exposure hazards of poor equipment maintenance in the SPD

March 2017 — 54 views Healthcare

STERIS discusses the importance of environmental monitoring of sterilant vapors in the SPD

January 2017 — 58 views Healthcare

10 Reasons Why You Should Continuously Monitor Low Temperature and Liquid Chemical Sterilants for Worker Safety.

January 2017 — 56 views Healthcare

Keeping Healthcare/SPD Workers Safe from Exposure: 2 Very Different Options

December 2016 — 64 views Healthcare

Researchers Find Leakage Problems with Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers

October 2016 — 79 views Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide

Comparison Study of Environmental Hydrogen Peroxide levels of STERRAD® Systems and STERIS V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilizers

October 2016 — 77 views Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide

FDA Orders Duodenoscopes Surveillance Studies

October 2015 — 87 views FDA Healthcare

AAMI Releases New Videos for Sterilization Professionals.

September 2015 — 59 views Healthcare

What’s in a Name?

September 2015 — 63 views Healthcare

AAMI Offers New Training Video: Personnel Safety in Sterile Processing Departments

September 2015 — 49 views Healthcare

Asked and Answered:

September 2015 — 54 views Healthcare

ChemDAQ in Healthcare Purchasing News

September 2015 — 47 views Healthcare