ChemDAQ Announces New SafeCide™ 2.1 Software

Software upgrade available to all SafeCide customers, providing enhanced functionality 

(July 24, 2023) PITTSBURGH, PA - ChemDAQ today unveiled the latest version of software for its SafeCide portable monitoring system to make it easier for safety personnel to detect and monitor for Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) gas vapors within numerous industries.

The software upgrade adds additional functionality, including: 

  • User Credentialed login for uploading to the Cloud or Guest login (doesn’t require wifi)

  • Sensor auto reconnects after distance or power disconnection 

  • Low battery notifications

  • Sensor calibration information

  • Dashboard setup enhancements 

“It's an exciting day for all of our SafeCide customers,” said David Hilliker, President & CEO at ChemDAQ. “We are constantly striving to enhance our products, and that’s exactly what you will find with the latest SafeCide 2.1 software.”

Software Enhancements to Improve User Experience 

Within SafeCide 2.1, users will find that their devices automatically reconnect with their gas sensors in the field, and they can now add locations and comments to customize their device based on business needs. 

Among other enhancements, SafeCide 2.1 allows multiple users to access data–with or without WiFi–in an attempt to place important instantaneous readings in the hands of as many key safety personnel as possible. 

Companies will also now experience sensor exchange reminders as a part of ChemDAQ’s industry-leading Sensor Exchange Program (SXP) . These color-indicated notifications will allow users to know when their sensor is approaching the need for calibration and alert if and when calibration is required. 

The SafeCide 2.1 software replaces the 2.0 version, which has been in the market for several years. Upgrades and new features were largely informed by customer feedback. 

“When our customers make the important choice to monitor, it’s our job to give them the latest tools, equipment and software they need to do it easily and effectively to keep their workers safe,” said Alex Hilliker, Chief Operating Officer at ChemDAQ. “We’re grateful for the many partnerships that helped inform these enhancements and look forward to offering all customers this latest technology.”

About the SafeCide Series

SafeCide is ChemDAQ’s portable chemical monitoring system designed to detect and measure PAA and H₂O₂  levels down to parts per million (ppm). The device is compatible with ChemDAQ’s next generation E-Cell sensor and available in both handheld and tablet formats. 

SafeCide provides two modes for data collection. The Environmental Sampling mode is best to detect hot spots or leaks throughout their facility. The Industrial Hygiene Mode allows for data capture through both 8-hour and 15-minute Time Weighted Averages to measure personal exposure over time. 

SafeCide is used by customers worldwide, in a wide range of industries, including  –from measuring PAA exposure in protein processing operations, food and beverage processing and packaging, hospital sterile processing departments, and the pharmaceutical industry.   

Receive the Latest Upgrade

The SafeCide 2.1 software is now available to all existing and prospective SafeCide customers. To receive additional information on how to upgrade your device or purchase a new SafeCide unit, visit or contact a member of our sales team by email at [email protected]

About ChemDAQ 

ChemDAQ was originally founded to protect workers from over-exposure to EtO gas in hospitals, and we are now the leading EtO monitoring provider in the healthcare and medical device sterilization industries. Our current systems were designed to provide state of the art monitoring to OSHA's permissible exposure limits, and EtO monitoring continues to be an important part of our business. As regulations continue to evolve, our mission remains to empower customers to eliminate workplace exposure to toxic chemicals through innovative monitoring and control solutions, industry leading partnerships, and superior safety expertise. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn. 

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