ChemDAQ is proud to provide chemical vapor monitoring services to more than 600 customers around the world. We serve industries that rely on hazardous chemicals, namely Peracetic Acid, Ethylene Oxide, and Hydrogen Peroxide to maintain daily business operations.

Whether in poultry processing facilities in the United States, hospitals throughout Europe or medical device sterilization operations in Asia, you will find ChemDAQ’s innovative gas detection monitoring systems at the heart of business operations for major global companies.

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Hospitals rely on H₂O₂, PAA and EtO to sterilize medical instruments needed in patient care. This essential task requires workers to employ high concentrations in Sterile Processing Departments, placing them at risk of exposure.

Food & Beverage Packaging

H₂O₂ and PAA are used in high concentrations and in large quantities through aseptic packaging operations to ensure the safe production and extended shelf life of common food and beverage products.

Protein Processing

PAA is used in poultry and meat processing. PAA is distributed to various areas of the processing plant to kill harmful bacteria on meat and surfaces to meet USDA food safety guidelines.

Medical Device Manufacturing

More than 50% of all medical devices used in the U.S. are sterilized with EtO. While an effective sterilizing agent, EtO is known to produce harmful gas vapors and off-gas from sterilized units, putting workers at risk of exposure.

Supply Chain Logistics

Medical devices that are sterilized with EtO and then shipped to their final destination may continue to off-gas for days. During transport, EtO accumulates in trucks and continues to off-gas once held in storage facilities, accumulating emissions that can often exceed OSHA's permissible exposure limit. 

Monitoring Pays Huge Dividends

Chemical vapor monitoring is a smart business investment to protect your greatest asset-your employees-and ensure business operations remain up-and-running.

3:1 Return on Investment

for every dollar spent on monitoring*

Reduced Employee Turnover

and higher team morale

Ensure Compliance 

with health and safety standards

Lead Your Industry

in workforce health and safety best practices

*Liberty Mutual, 2014

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