SafeCide™ Series

Take the guesswork out of chemical vapor monitoring with ChemDAQ’s SafeCide monitoring system. The device is fully portable and can conveniently be taken across facility floors to check for leaks, identify hot spots or measure off-gassing in specific areas.

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Product Features

Use the SafeCide handheld system to check for potential gas leaks, identify elevated areas of concern on the plant floor or easily detect off-gassing before it poses a threat to workers in the field. The SafeCide monitoring system provides real-time measurements in parts per million for accurate, reliable readings.

Sensor Pairing

The SafeCide easily pairs with any ChemDAQ E-Cell Sensor for H₂O₂ or PAA.

Bluetooth Connectivity

E-Cell Sensors are equipped with Bluetooth technology that communicates readings back to the SafeCide device up to 30 feet for added worker safety and operator convenience.

Two Operation Modes

The SafeCide series comes equipped with two operation modes. The Environmental Sampling Mode, which is optimal for routine spot checks, and Industrial Hygiene Mode, which provides for Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposure data at both 15-minute and 8-hour intervals. 

Email Alerts

Track exposure data and receive email alerts when a problem is detected. 

Historic Data Tracking

Easily review past data on the SafeCide itself or export historic exposure data for further analysis.

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Product Specifications

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