Complete Gas Detection & Monitoring Solutions for Worker Safety, Quality, and Productivity

ChemDAQ® helps you maintain a safe, productive work environment by providing best-in-class monitoring products for Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethylene Oxide. Monitoring the air around potentially hazardous chemicals sets a higher standard of safety and quality at any facility.

hospital spd departments

Hospital Central Services/SPD Departments

Monitoring for chemicals released into the air during sterile processing is an essential part of your quality control (QC) program. Serving as an early warning to leaks, and safety measure for your employees, ChemDAQ® monitors enable you to effectively manage the breathing environment. Just like equipment requires revalidation after a failed cycle, monitoring allows you to validate that the vapor concentration in the air is safe. Monitoring systems for Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, and Ethylene Oxide raise the standard of safety for both patients and employees.

medical device manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturers and contract sterilization companies typically use large amounts of 100% Ethylene Oxide, which requires combustible gas (LEL) monitoring to protect against explosion and ppm monitoring to protect workers from exposure to toxic ppm levels. ChemDAQ LEL sensors use highly reliable infrared technology. For ppm concentrations, Steri-Trac EtO monitors employ electrochemical sensors and our patented Spot-On Chemical Filter technology to provide cost effective, accurate, continuous monitoring while greatly reducing false alarms by removing common interferents.

aseptic packaging

Aseptic Packaging

Productivity and safety are vital components to success in aseptic packaging. ChemDAQ supports those goals by enabling you to manage and control your environment. Monitoring allows you to address concerns about chemical vapor exposure effectively, identifying those areas which need to be addressed immediately, and those which can be part of standard maintenance practices. Monitoring also decreases distractions by taking the guesswork out of chemical safety, quantifying concentrations of vapor in the air and identifying if levels are above-recommended exposure limits.

proteins processing

Proteins Processing

In meat and poultry processing, peracetic acid is a commonly used intervention chemical. Peracetic acid prevents the spread of food borne pathogens, but excess vapor concentration can pose a risk to people working nearby. ChemDAQ monitoring directly addresses employee concerns about exposure and provides a tool to help solve potential exposure problems.


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