E-Cell® Sensor

The E-Cell Sensor is a replaceable sensor module to accurately detect chemical vapor levels. It is currently available for Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) and Peracetic Acid (PAA) . The E-Cell Sensor technology is unique to ChemDAQ and is designed to effectively reduce interference from competing gases to provide our customers with accurate and consistent readings they can trust.

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Product Features

ChemDAQ sensors are among the most selective on the market, meaning reduced problems with cross sensitivity. This technology includes ChemDAQ’s Spot-On™ filters that remove interfering gases and vapors, preventing false alarms. For example, the PAA sensor has a Spot-On filter to prevent cross sensitivity to H₂O₂a chemical which is always found in commercial PAA blends.

Battery Life

The E-Cell Sensor takes less than 60 seconds to initiate and holds more than 20 hours of battery life for long-lasting performance.

LED Lights

The E-Cell Sensor comes equipped with color-coded LED indicator lights to easily notify you of the lifecycle of your sensor. The light turns green if the sensor is working properly; orange/yellow if the sensor needs to be replaced soon; and red if the sensor has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. 

Color-Coded Rings

The E-Cell Sensor comes branded with a color-coded ring to indicate the sensor’s calibrated gas type. A brown ring indicates the sensor has been calibrated for PAA; whereas, a blue ring indicates the sensor has been calibrated for H₂O₂


ChemDAQ sensors are all factory calibrated to provide the most accurate measurements possible. Sensors are only as accurate as the calibration, and unlike other suppliers who may use surrogate gases for certain sensors, ChemDAQ’s sensors are calibrated with the target gas, even for hard to calibrate vapors such as  H₂O₂ and PAA .* These vapors are not available to purchase, so ChemDAQ generates the test gas and measures the concentration by chemical titration against recognized standards to ensure accurate test gases and vapors for calibration and accurate readings in the field.

*Note the only exception is LEL EtO because of the hazards and regulatory burden associated with LEL concentrations of EtO (~1.5% v/v).

Sensor Exchange Program (SXP®)

Accuracy and dependability is also the driving force behind ChemDAQ’s Sensor Exchange Program (SXP®), a leading service-based program to routinely ship factory pre-calibrated sensors at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the year to all ChemDAQ monitor users, to ensure accuracy and reliability of monitoring data.

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Monitoring Systems

The E-Cell Sensor drives ChemDAQ's latest chemical monitoring systems.

SafeCide™ Series

Quickly and easily detect hazardous areas with the SafeCide series, a portable monitoring system to provide real-time measurements on the floor and easily identify hot spots and leaks. 

Steri-Trac® Series

As ChemDAQ’s premier fixed area monitoring system, the Steri-Trac series of products are designed to continuously measure and alert you to hazardous vapor levels in the air. 

VaporAlert™ Series

ChemDAQ’s water-resistant monitoring system, the VaporAlert is specifically designed to continuously monitor PAA and H₂O₂ vapor levels in the wet areas of your plant.

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