Ethylene Oxide Monitoring System

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ChemDAQ’s Ethylene Oxide monitor provides real-time readings of vapor levels in the air for safety assurance.

Ethylene Oxide, (a.k.a. EtO or EO) is commonly used in production of numerous products and is also used as a sterilizing agent, disinfecting agent and fumigant. The healthcare industry uses Ethylene Oxide in Sterile Processing Departments charged with high level sterilization and disinfection of devices including endoscopes and duodenoscopes. Monitoring the breathing environment near sterilization equipment is essential because ethylene oxide poses a number of potential health risks.

The health risks of Ethylene Oxide, and the need to monitor, are long established. The challenge with ethylene oxide gas detectors is that they employ electrochemical sensors that also respond to a wide range of other gases, leading to potentially inaccurate results and false alarms. In hospital applications, where ethylene oxide is used as a sterilant gas, alcohols, especially isopropanol and carbon monoxide are common interferents.

Maintaining Safety, Solving Problems

ChemDAQ developed the Spot-On® chemical filter to filter out common interferents. The Spot On Filter significantly reduces false alarms by filtering out common interferents such as carbon monoxide and isopropyl alcohol. ChemDAQ’s Steri-Trac® Ethylene Oxide Area Monitor displays real-time EtO values and alarms when exposure levels are too high to help ensure your employees are safe by being aware of the vapor levels in their breathing zone.

Steri-Trac Continuous Monitoring for Ethylene Oxide: Our flagship system is composed of a custom configuration of fixed monitors and supporting peripherals that make sure you get the protection you need, where you need it.


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