Peracetic Acid Vapor Monitoring



About the Case Study

Looking to identify an affordable, reliable, and accurate monitoring solution for Peracetic Acid, Wayne-Sanderson Farms discovered ChemDAQ nearly 10 years ago and has since rolled out ChemDAQ's monitoring solutions company-wide across the U.S.

What's Included

Problem Overview

Wayne-Sanderson Farms was among the first in the industry to explore and implement Peracetic Acid as an antimicrobial chemical for their poultry processing operations. Discover the challenges they faced when trying to manage costs and accurately measure this new chemical to ensure worker safety.

ChemDAQ's Solution

When Wayne-Sanderson Farms discovered ChemDAQ, Inc., they identified a partner with nearly 20 years experience monitoring antimicrobial chemicals. Read about their discovery call with our Technical Services team and how we were the only monitoring company that calibrated our sensors with PAA vapor, not a surrogate gas.

Monitoring Solutions

Wayne-Sanderson Farms initially implemented ChemDAQ's SafeCide™ monitoring system, but has since greatly expanded their monitoring to include ChemDAQ's Steri-Trac® monitoring system as well. Learn more about how they use both portable and fixed monitoring solutions throughout their facility.


The implementation of ChemDAQ monitoring systems allowed Wayne-Sanderson Farms to reduce third-party costs and enhance on-site safety operations. But don't just take our word for it. Read on to hear about the significant impact ChemDAQ monitors made at their facilities.

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Case Study Facts

Wayne-Sanderson Farms plants that use PAA are now equipped with SafeCides

Nearly 10 years as a ChemDAQ customer

Upgraded to SafeCide 2.0 and Steri-Trac 2/2+ to leverage latest technology

Chemical vapor monitoring reduced third party costs and enhanced onsite safety operations

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