ChemDAQ Joins Hundreds of Workplace Safety Personnel 

at the 2023 National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry

Exhibit designed to highlight the importance of monitoring for Peracetic Acid vapors throughout protein processing facilities


August 21, 2023 (Destin, FL) - ChemDAQ, Inc. recently joined the lineup of exhibitors at the 2023 National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry hosted by the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association to showcase the significant role chemical vapor monitoring plays in worker safety throughout protein processing facilities. 

The three-day annual conference hosted members of the safety community for protein processing plants across the country–from environmental health and safety managers to nursing staff. All attendees gathered together with the same goal: to collaborate and discuss ways to enhance health and safety across the industry. 

“ChemDAQ has been proudly serving protein processing facilities with Peracetic Acid monitoring technology for years, and we were pleased to gather with so many professionals dedicated to the safe operation of these facilities,” said David Hilliker, President & CEO of ChemDAQ. 

Throughout the conference, ChemDAQ met with both existing and prospective new customers to share the importance of monitoring for hazardous gas vapors, specifically Peracetic Acid–the main disinfectant chemical used in protein processing facilities to kill harmful bacteria and meet USDA food safety guidelines. 

ChemDAQ had several monitoring technologies on display, including the company’s SafeCide™ portal monitoring system, which featured the latest 2.1 software. In addition, the ChemDAQ exhibit featured two industry favorites for fixed monitoring. The Steri-Trac® 2, which can be used to monitor Peracetic Acid storage rooms, and the VaporAlert™, which is a fixed unit that can withstand harsh, wet environments often found at protein processing plants. 

ChemDAQ was also joined this year by booth-partner Leidos, a FORTUNE® 500 science and technology leader, to discuss the breakthrough Peracetic Acid Abatement System designed to significantly reduce workplace exposure to PAA vapor. The system was unveiled at last year’s conference, and the partnership team was onsite to share progress updates with this year’s attendees. 

“ChemDAQ is fortunate to serve dozens of protein processing plants across the country, and it’s our partnerships with these companies that have pushed our innovation to the next level,” said Alex Hilliker, Chief Operating Officer at ChemDAQ. “Not only are we striving to add additional monitoring capabilities, we’re taking Peracetic Acid safety to new heights thanks to our partnership with Leidos, where we strive to not only monitor for this harmful gas, but control its presence in the air to protect the hardworking men and women in this important industry.” 

To learn more about chemical monitoring in protein processing facilities, click here. To access or request additional information on the Peracetic Acid Abatement System, click here.

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