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About the Leakage Study

Looking to evaluate the impacts of hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) sterilization leakage in sterile processing departments, both Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) and STERIS Corporation conducted independent studies to evaluate H₂O₂ emissions from leading sterilizers used in hospitals around the world.

What's Included

Problem Overview

H₂O₂ has become a sterilant of choice for sterile processing departments. Discover the results of independent leakage studies conducted by both ASP and STERIS to determine if emissions were found in common sterilizers and the potential impacts on worker health and safety.

ChemDAQ's Solution

ChemDAQ has nearly 20 years of experience monitoring sterilant chemicals found throughout the healthcare industry. Read about how ChemDAQ's monitoring solutions feature sensor technology designed to detect and measure small concentrations of gas vapors to alert workers if and when a threat may be present.

Monitoring Solutions

Some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States choose to monitor using ChemDAQ's state of the art technology. From fixed area monitoring systems to portable systems designed to detect leaks, discover available solutions to keep your sterile processing department safe. 


The implementation of ChemDAQ monitoring systems has provided sterile processing departments across the country with peace of mind knowing that their workers are safe and protected. Read on to discover how monitoring can enhance onsite safety operations.

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Leakage Study Facts

National health and safety organizations have set occupational exposure limits as vapor leaks can be harmful to workers if exposed.

While chemical sterilizers are built to high standards, toxic vapors can escape from the chamber. 

H₂O₂ vapors were at their highest inside the sterilizers at the end of a cycle.

Studies consistently recommend that H₂O₂ be continuously monitored to ensure safe and effective use of sterilization equipment.

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