Steri-Trac 2+ Quick Set-Up Guide

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1. 3. Connect the communications cable ( E ) between Are a Monitor and E - Cell Sensor . Insert the connector s straight in ; gently tighten locking ring s until snug. OR for optional Bluetooth communications between Sensor and Monitor, connect small electrical adaptor ( F ) to Sensor. Then plug into electrical outlet. B luetooth range = 10 - 15’ ( 3 - 4.5m) 4. Press and hold Sensor’s power button ( G ) until the LED ( H ) illuminates . 5. Set the Sensor in the C radle ( D ) . Slide button on back of Sensor between the two tabs. ( I ) 6. Plug Monitor into electrical outlet using the large adapter ( J ) . The Monitor will boot up. You will see the message “Please go to Menu and enter User’s Info.” I nstructions continued on back.  Figure 1 - Monitor Components. Installation Options Sterilizer Stand option is shown above. Other options available: Flexible W all Mount (J) and Fixed Wall Mount (K). Contact ChemDAQ for i nformation. ChemDAQ Sales: 412.787.0202 Figure 2 Steri - Trac 2+ Gas Monitor Quick Setup ® CM - 510 - A - 0.00 , © 2018 ChemDAQ ® Inc . ® Assemble Components 1. Choose component locations: Place the E - Cell Sensor (A) in the breathing zone of staff . Place the Area Monitor ( B ) so the display is readily visible. 2. Use the adhesive Velcro ® strips (C) to secure the Sensor Cradle ( D ) to mounting surface.

2. Enter User - Information Note: Entering USER INFORMATION unlocks the Area Monitor and makes it fully functional. 7. Press and hold MENU on Monitor display until Passcode s creen appears. Then press ENTER . In MENU screen, press USER INFO . 8. USER INFO RMATION screen: Configure the first four fields ( Customer through Monitor Name ) by press ing the EDIT button s and enter ing data using the virtual keyboard. “Location” is a descripti on of the location being monitored. (Example: Sterilizer #4 ) “Monitor Name” is a descriptive identifier for the Area Monitor itself. ( Example: Safety Dept. Mon #2). 9. When finished, return to Home Screen by press ing Back and then Back to Menu. Establish Wireless Communications (Optional) If you are using communications cable (See E in Figure 1), disregard this section. Proceed to ZEROING below. 10. Press and hold MENU on Monitor display until Passcode screen appears. Then press ENTER . In MENU screen, press Bluetooth . 11. In Bluetooth screen, press SENSOR CONNECTION . 12. The Area Monitor will list Bluetooth - enabled devices within range. Devices are listed #1, #2 etc. Us e the virtual keypad to enter the number where your Sensor appears. 13. To return to the Home Screen, press Back and then Back to Menu. ZEROING the Sensor ZER OING acclimates the Sensor to its new environment and must only be perform ed when the target - gas is NOT present , even in trace amounts. 14. Press M enu on the Home Screen. In the Passcode s creen , press Enter . In the Menu screen press Zeroing . 15. In the Zeroing screen, press Zeroing . Wait for the “Final PPM Reading ” to reset to 0000. 16. To return to the Home Screen, press Back and then Back to Menu. Congratulations! Your new Steri - Trac 2+ Area Monitor is operational ! See t he user’s manual supplied to you as a PDF file for more detailed information on alarms, relays, and other configuration options. Need Assistance? Contact ChemDAQ’s Tech Services Dep t : Within USA and Canada: 800.245.3310 x310 / Worldwide: 1.412.787.0202 x310


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