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1. CM - 103 - A - 1.00 SafeCide SXP Instructions ChemDAQ® SafeCide ® Sensor Exchange Instructions Important information regarding your ChemDAQ® Monitoring System : Dear Valued Customer, ChemDAQ strives to provide the highest quality in our products. We know customers rely on the accuracy of our sensor technologies to provide safe working conditions for their employees. Therefore, to help insure a high level of accuracy, we have implemented a tim e - out feature in all of our sensors when the calibration period (including a grace period) has expired. As a reminder, included in your Sensor Calibration Exchange Program (SXP) service, a ChemDAQ representative will contact you prior to each sensor excha nge, typically at 4 - month intervals (depending upon gas type). Once acknowledgement has been received, your pre - calibrated sensor or sensors will be shipped. When you receive your shipment, please return your used sensors ASAP in the same shipping containe r. A pre - paid, return label will accompany each shipment. Installing Your S afeCide ® Sensor Step 1: Open the Bluetooth Settings on the tablet by pressing the Bluetooth Settings shortcut on the desktop or Start>Settings > Devices> Bluetooth Step 2: Select the Bluetooth device currently paired, press “Remove device”, and press “OK” Step 3: Power - on the new sensor and ensure the old sensor is powered - off (LED off) .

2. CM - 103 - A - 1.00 SafeCide SXP Instructions Step 4 : Press “Pair” when the new device appears. The device name should match the ID listed on the front of the SafeCide sensor. Step 5 : Start the SafeCide software, press “Detect Sensors” and confirm the serial number that appears in the drop - down list matches the serial number listed on the sensor module . Step 6 : Promptly r et urn expired sensor to ChemDAQ. Thank you! Questions? Contact Technical Services:  Toll Free: (800) 245 - 3310 x310  +1(412) 787 - 0202 x310   300 Business Center Drive Suite 330 Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Ensuring the Safe and Continued Use of Chemical Biocides


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