SafeCide Dashboard User Guide

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2. 2 2. Clicking the link in the email will take the Dashboard Sign In Page 3. Click the Profile Icon in the top right and select the Change Password Option to change the password from the temporary one that was generated from the Welcome Email .

3. 3 User Management 1. Click the Users Button to get more detailed information on the Users 2. Click the Add User Button to create a New User

4. 4 Setup New User 3. A Welcome Email containing a temporary password will be sent the User Email Address 4. Click the link in the Welcome Email to reset the temporary password. The User can now use these credentials to Login to SafeCide.

5. 5 Data Management 5. From the left - hand menu, Select Reports 6. Selec t a User and the Application Mode to v iew the data that the User has u ploaded.

1. 1 SafeCide Dashboard User Guide Overview The SafeCide Dashboard is used to configure where Email notifications should be sent in the event of an alarm, authorize what Users have permission to use SafeCide, and review uploaded data from SafeCide. The Dashboard can be reached at . Admin Account Setup 1. A welcome email containing a temporary password will be sent to the Email Address you designate to be your SafeCide Admin Account.

6. 6 Notifications In the event that and Instantaneous Alarm or TWA Alarm is triggered. An Email Notification will be sent to the Company Admin detailing the occurrence of the Alarm. FAQs Can the Company Admin also login to the SafeCide Application as a User? Yes but not by default. In order to use the same email address for the Company Admin and a User Account, the Company Admin must first go to add a User and send themselves an invitation to SafeCide. The Admin Company must click the Reset Password option when they receive the Welcome to SafeCide Email and entire their desired password. * The Company is now able to login to SafeCide by entering their email and the Password they just created. * Note: The same password can be used for both accounts. If different passwords are used, make not of which password is used to access the Dashboard and which is used to login to SafeCide


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