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1. ChemDAQ’s SafeCide monitors the air quality in your facility to ensure your safety. SafeCide ChemDAQ Inc. • 300 Business Center Drive • Pittsburgh, PA • 15205 • Phone 412.787.0202 • • SafeCide is a fully portable gas monitoring system. • Can be used in multiple modes depending on your application. • Allows the end user to switch between H 2 0 2 and PAA gases. • Bluetooth sensor communication provides for easy sensor placement. • Data can be exported to external devices for further analysis and reporting.

2. ChemDAQ Inc. • 300 Business Center Drive • Pittsburgh, PA • 15205 • Phone 412.787.0202 • Track data to determine the issues and concerns in your facility. Safecide provides informative reports so you can take the necessary actions to resolve the issues. SafeCide provides data in .cvs format for further analysis in spreadsheet applications like Excel. Workplace safety is a top priority for any facility. Safecide monitors and alerts you to hazardous gas levels in the air. SafeCide The SafeCide has two modes. Sampling Mode: Allows for environmental sampling to identify key hot spots and locations where air quality is a concern. Industrial Hygiene Mode: Allows the SafeCide to serve as a personal monitor or as a fixed - position monitor that will track and display the time - weighted - average (TWA) exposure levels.


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