SafeCide 2.0 Quick Start Guide

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2. Collect Data 1. Enter a name for the data file SafeCide should write too a nd press Start 2. While running, SafeCide will display the current Gas Concentration in Parts Per Million (PPM) and write the gas readings to the Log File 3. When you are finished collecting data, press End

1. SafeCide 2.0 Quick Start Guide Pair ECell Sensor to SafeCide 1. Open the SafeCide App 2. Navigate to Settings > Connected Sensor 3. Press Scan to search for nearby Sensors 4. Select the desired Sensor from the list and press Pair * * Note: The Android Device may ask to allow a Bluetooth Request from the Sensor. Make sure you allow the request. Select Program Mode 1. Ensure SafeCide is set up to run in the correct Program Mode: A. Sampling Mode for Loca tion Tagging B. Industrial Hygiene Mode for Time Weighted Averages 2. This Option can be changed in the Settings menu, which can be reached by pressing the More button from the home screen .

3. Review Data 1. Navigate to the Review Screen 2. Pr ess Select File 3. Navigate to the Internal File System > SafeCide Folder 4. Select the desired file 5. The data will be displayed in a table and plotted on a graph 6. The data can be uploaded to the SafeCide Dashboard by pressing Upload Export Data The Data can also be transferred to a Desktop Computer for further analysis by: 1. Connect the Handheld Device to a Computer via a USB Mini to USB Micro Cable 2. On the Handheld Device: a. Swipe down from the top of the screen to show the Notificatio ns Menu b. Tap the Charging Notification to bring up the USB Preferences Menu c. Select File Transfer 3. On the Computer a. Open File Explorer b. Click on This PC c. Click on the Android Device Folder (This is typically the Model Number of the Handheld Device) to the show the contents of its Internal File System d. Navigate to the SafeCide Folder e. Copy the desired data files to the a folder on the Computer


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