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An overview of ChemDAQ products

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2. ChemDAQ Inc. • 300 Business Center Drive • Pittsburgh, PA • 15205 • Phone 412.787.0202 • ChemDAQ® helps you maintain a safe, productive work environment by providing best - in - class monitoring products for Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethylene Oxide. Environmental monitoring protects employees from the acute and chronic health affects of sterilant gas exposure by recording concentrations in real - time and providing alerts for proactive protection. A gas monitoring system coupled with safe work practices and a comprehensive education program are the best ways to assure employee safety and maximize productivity. At ChemDAQ, we are committed to helping create a safe work environment. Peracetic Acid Hydrogen Peroxide Ethylene Oxide Why Monitor? • You cannot smell or physically detect certain dangerous vapors at low concentrations. • Exposure happens, even with the best safety practices in place. • Equipment can leak, if your equipment manufacturer tells you differently, ask for an indemnification. • Failure of engineering controls and work practices. • Continuous Monitoring is the only way to ensure worker safety.

1. ChemDAQ Inc. • 300 Business Center Drive • Pittsburgh, PA • 15205 • Phone 412.787.0202 • GAS MONITORING SYSTEMS IS YOUR BREATHING ZONE A DANGER ZONE? Steri - Trac 2+ • A fixed gas monitoring system that provides Continuous, 15 minute and 8 hour time weighted average (TWA) gas readings. • Touchscreen menu allows end - user to quickly change the gas being monitored. • Data easily downloads to local devices • Wireless Bluetooth technology • No installation — ”plug & play” - easily adapts to sterilizer placements E - Cell • E - cells are sensor modules that complete the monitoring system in the detection of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and ethylene oxide. • ChemDAQ’s unique Sensor Calibration/Exchange Program (SXP) virtually eliminates system maintenance. SafeCide • SafeCide is a fully portable gas monitoring system. • Can be used in sampling or industrial hygeine modes, depending on your application. • Allows the end user to switch between H202 and PAA gases. • Bluetooth sensor communication provides for easy sensor placement. • Data can be exported to external devices for further analysis and reporting. DAQ Central Monitoring System Hardware & Software • Continuously and simultaneously track gas concentrations from up to 32 Area Monitors. • Touch screen, color - coded graphical display. • Standalone, password protected administration console for continuous monitoring and reporting.


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