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Hydrogen Peroxide Regulations - U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration

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1. Hydrogen   Peroxide   Regulations      General   Regulations   &   Standards     U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration   Occupational   Safety   &   Health   Act   of   1970,   Section   5   “Each   employer   shall   furnish   to   each   of   his   employees   employment   and   a   place   of   employment   which   are   free   from   recognized   hazards   that   are   causing   or   are   likely   to   cause   death   or   serious   physical   harm   to   his   employees”   OSHA    29   CFR   1910.1000(a)(2)   Table   Z ‐ 1      “An   employee’s   exposure   to   any   substance   listed   in   Table   Z ‐ 1   shall   not   exceed   the   8 ‐ hour   Time   Weighted   Average   given   for   that   substance   any   8   hour   work   shift   for   a   40 ‐ hour   work   week.        Hydrogen   Peroxide   Permissible   Exposure   Limit   (PEL)   is   assigned   1.0   ppm   Hazard   Communications   29   CFR   1910.1200   (e)(f)(g)(h)   Employers   are   required   to   develop   and   maintain   a   written   hazard   communication   program   to   include   labels   and   other   forms   of   warning,   material   safety   data   sheets   and   employee   information   and   training.    Employees   shall   be   informed   of   any   operations   in   their   work   area   where   hazardous   chemicals   are   present,   location   and   availability   of   the   hazard   communication   program   and   material   safety   data   sheets,   methods   to   detect   the   presence   or   release   of   a   hazardous   chemical   in   the   work   area,   physical   and   health   hazards   of   chemicals   in   the   work   area,   measures   employees   can   take   to   protect   themselves   from   these   hazards,   including   specific   procedures   the   employer   has   implemented   to   protect   employees   from   exposure   to   hazardous   chemicals,   such   as   appropriate   work   practices,   emergency   procedures   and   personal   protective   equipment   to   be   used.       NTIS   Pub   PB ‐ 94 ‐ 195047   (1995)   Immediately   Dangerous   to   Life   or   Health   Concentration   (IDLH)   =   Hydrogen   Peroxide   75   ppm     Standard   EC.02.02.01   (2009)   Element   of   Performance   #10   Element   of   Performance   #9      “   The   hospital   monitors   levels   of   hazardous   gases   and   vapors   to   determine   that   they   are   in   safe   range.     Note:   Law   and   regulation   determine   the   frequency   of   monitoring   hazardous   gases   and   vapors   as   well   as   acceptable   ranges.”      “The   hospital   minimizes   risks   associated   with   selection,   handling,   storage,   transport,   use   and   disposing   hazardous   gases   and   vapors.    Note:    Hazardous   gases   and   vapors   include,   but   are   not   limited   to,   gluteraldehyde,   ethylene   oxide,   vapors   generated   while   using   cauterizing   equipment   and   lasers,   and   gases   such   as   nitrous   oxide.     Hydrogen   Peroxide   Record   Keeping   Regulations     U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration   29   CFR   1910.1020(d)(1)(ii)   29   CFR   1910.1020(c)(5)(i)   29   CFR   1910.1020(e)(1)(i)   “Each   employee   exposure   record   shall   be   preserved   and   maintained   for   at   least   thirty   (30)   years ..”   “Employee   exposure   record   means   a   record   containing   any   of   the   following   kinds   of   information:    Environmental   (workplace)   monitoring   or   measuring   of   a   toxic   substance   or   harmful   physical   agent.”   “Whenever   an   employee   or   designated   representative   requests   access   to   a   record,   the   employer   shall   assure   that   access   is   provided   in   a   reasonable   time,   place   and   manner.”     Health   Risks     2008   Substance   and    Agents   Listing   TLVs   and   BEIs   Hydrogen   Peroxide::             o   A3,   Confirmed   Animal   Carcinogen   o   TLV   Basis   =    Upper   respiratory,   eyes,   skin   irritant   o   8   Hr   Time   Weighted   Average   Threshold   Limit   Value   (TLV)=     1.0   ppm  


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