Computer Hardware Requirements for DAQ Software

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Minimum Computer Requirements For Running the ChemDAQ® Sterilant Gas Monitoring Software

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1. Document # SL - 5 00 - A - 0 .00 ChemDAQ Inc. • 30 0 Business Center Drive , Suite 330 • Pittsburgh, PA • 1520 5 phone 412.787.0202 (Tech Service: x310) • fax 412.788.2526 ® Minimum Computer Requirements F or Running the ChemDAQ ® Sterilant Gas Monitoring Software:  The c omputer must be dedicated to running the Che mDAQ monitoring software only. The program runs in full - s creen mode and is not intended to run alongside other applications. This ensures all monitoring alerts are clearly visible.  Operating System: Windows 7 Pro  Memory and Processor: Any PC capable of running Windows 7 Pro has the necessary res ources to run the ChemDAQ software.  Hard Drive Capacity: 250 MB  Required US B Ports : Up to five. See below. o 1 - For USB to RS485 converter module. (Communications port for gas monitors.) o 1 - For external secondary data back - up. (Exception: Secondary data backup is an internal second hard drive.) o 2 - For mous e and keyboard. (Exception: C omputer is a laptop with integrated mouse and keyboard.) o 1 - Printer (Exception: Wireless or network printer is used.)  CD /DVD Reader/ Burner  Display : Recommended minimum 15 inch. For systems with a Remote Video Display, the local display must be VGA ( i.e. not HDMI or DVI).  Audio : Computer must be audio - capable to enable software’s audial alerts. o Note: If the system includes a Remote Video Display, the computer must have an a udio - out jack to send audio to the local as well as the remote display/speakers . ( The headphone port cannot be used for this application because it mutes the local volume when used .)  Peripherals: Mouse , keyboard, color printer .  De vice for secondary data - back - up. Options: o USB memory stick 2GB or higher o E xternal USB hard drive , or o Second internal hard drive.  Ethernet Port if the computer will employ SToE (Steri - Trac ® over Ethernet). With this option the computer uses the local area network to communicate with the Steri - Trac gas monitors. Hardware Provided by ChemDAQ:  USB to RS485 converter module . (This serves as the communications port to the gas monitors.)


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