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8. All Customers receive the Warranty Service Plan for their first year after purchasing ChemDAQ equipment. The cost of the Warranty Service Plan after the first year is calculated as a percentage of the then current list price of the equipment owned by the Customer. 16. Extended Warranty: The warranty period may be extended through the purchase of an Extended Warranty Service plan. The conditions of the Warranty described above also apply to the Extended Warranty Service Plans. The Extended Warranty Agreement term is for one, three or five years and the Customer agrees to pay the scheduled fee; payment to be made in advance of the start of the term of the agreement.

4. Electrical equipment is a potential source of ignition in locations where flammable gases or vapors are present and require the use of intrinsically safe components. Some industries, such as those that use large amounts of combustible gases and liquids not only require monitoring for employee exposure to the compounds themselves, if toxic, but also monitoring of oxygen depletion and measurement of the explosive levels of gas in the air. ChemDAQ’s Steri-Trac® Intrinsically Safe Sensor was designed and certified for all of these applications. As required for all classified hazardous areas, ChemDAQ offers an Intrinsically Safe Barrier Box, specifically designed to operate with the Steri-Trac Intrinsically Safe Sensors. Sensors are placed inside the classified hazardous area and gas concentrations are shown on the area monitor’s large color-coded LED display outside the room. Connecting to the monitor’s dry contact alarm outputs allows you to trigger an intrinsically safe beacon or audible alarm inside the classified area should you want to alert employees working inside. ChemDAQ offers sensor modules designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and are NTL listed under UL 61010-1/CSA C22.2 Intrinsically Safe: Certified for Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D, Class 1, Zone 0. ChemDAQ’s Intrinsically Safe Monitors work best in conjunction with the DAQ™ Central Monitoring System. The DAQ offers features and functions that are supported by the Steri-Trac Intrinsically Safe Sensors to Gather, Analyze, Report and Display the monitoring data. Steri-Trac Intrinsically Safe Sensors are virtually maintenance free thanks to their snap fit design and ChemDAQ’s SXP® Sensor Calibration Exchange Program.

7. Our highly skilled technical team performs system provisioning and in-service training for our customers as well as ongoing technical support. WARRANTY 13. Limited Warranty: ChemDAQ products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the earlier of the date of installation, or 120 days after the date of shipment, except where otherwise stated in writing by ChemDAQ. The limited warranty corresponds to the Warranty Service Plan described below. 14. Warranty Terms: The following terms will apply to the ChemDAQ warranty: a. The standard product warranty will cover all repairs of equipment supplied by ChemDAQ. This agreement includes all parts and labor from the date of installation of the equipment by a ChemDAQ authorized technician if installed within 120 days of shipment; or from the date of acceptance and issuance of a purchase order by the Customer for equipment that is not installed by a ChemDAQ authorized technician within 120 days of shipment. The warranty does not cover customer site repairs or in-service training. b. All repair work must be performed by authorized ChemDAQ service technicians. The warranty does not apply to service made necessary by accident, fire, theft, neglect abuse, misuse, deterioration caused by chemicals that are not in normal operations or repairs made necessary by personnel other than those authorized by ChemDAQ. c. The Customer must receive authorization from ChemDAQ prior to returning any malfunctioning equipment for repair. The Customer will be responsible for requesting the required shipping documents from a carrier that ChemDAQ specifies. Should the Customer fail to fulfill the return ship requirements, the Customer will be responsible for any damage that occurs to the equipment during shipping. d. Loaner equipment may be provided when necessary to minimize down time due to repairs. Following the Customer’s receipt of the repaired equipment, the loaner equipment must be returned to ChemDAQ within ten business days if the Customer is located within the US and fifteen business days if the customer is located outside the US. If some or all of the equipment is not returned to ChemDAQ within this period, the Customer agrees to pay the current list price for any equipment not returned. Accessories and expendables such as printer paper, ink cartridges, computer disks are not covered under the warranty. 15. Warranty Service: The Warranty Service includes telephone support, loaner replacement in the event that ChemDAQ equipment malfunctions and cost of parts and labor for factory repair of equipment. On-site support is available for an additional fee.

6.  Emissions Monitoring displays instantaneous concentration, 24 hour daily average, elapsed time average and alarm status.  Impending alerts to warn of trends and enable proactive response.  A Remote Video Display enables viewing of same DAQ screen in multiple work areas. PRODUCT LITERATURE The links below contain the most up to date brochures and product information for ChemDAQ products PAA Food Processing Brochure PAA in Healthcare Steri-Trac Specifications Steri-Trac Features Steri-Trac Overview ChemDAQ Inc. designs, manufactures and sells gas detection systems for occupational safety to diverse markets such as healthcare, medical device manufacturing and the food and beverage industries. We are your comprehensive solution provider including continuous monitoring, both area monitoring and personal monitoring, data recording, and unparalleled technical support. Our flagship product- Steri-Trac ® provides continuous area monitoring where you need it most. Each Steri-Trac monitor is a fully functioning gas detection instrument with large, easy to understand displays and customer configurable alarms. Complementing Steri-Trac, we offer a number of peripherals which enables us to customize your design to fit your unique facility needs. Up to 32 Steri-Trac monitors can be connected to the DAQ ® Data Acquisition System. By using a DAQ users can create a multiple gas monitoring system for data collection and storage as well as tracking time-weighted averages such as OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits. SafeCide™, our newest product is a fully portable, tablet-based system designed to perform spot checks at critical junctures. SafeCide also provides a second mode of operation that is used for personal monitoring or leak detection.

1. ChemDAQ SXP Program - All sensors require routine calibration in order to maintain the integrity of the system and the ability to accurately detect their target gas. While most systems require users to perform frequent calibrations on-site, ChemDAQ’s unique Sensor Calibration/Exchange Program (SXP®) helps to ensure a safe work environment by providing timely and consistent factory calibrated sensors for any Steri-Trac® Area Monitor. We perform the necessary, routine calibration of sensors at our factory and coordinate the swap with appropriate personnel at the customer site. All ChemDAQ products work in conjunction with our exclusive yearly service agreement. We provide scheduled exchange of pre-calibrated sensors at (typically) 4 month intervals. Sensor modules are plug & play- simply swap and return the used sensor in the shipping container provided using the pre-addressed, prepaid return shipping label. Remote Display - Workers need to know if dangerous levels of toxic gas are present BEFORE they enter a room. Steri-Trac Remote Display Repeaters are wired to an area monitor and mounted outside the entrance to areas where the toxic gases are in use. They extend the same visual and audible display features of their companion Steri-Trac Area Monitors to remote locations so that your staff knows if it is safe to enter the potentially contaminated area. Intuitive display of gas concentrations and clear audible and visual alerts provide proactive protection by warning workers before they enter an unsafe area. Power is supplied by the same cable used for communication with the Steri-Trac Area Monitor. Installation costs are reduced because there is no need to supply AC power to the remote display.  4 character, 1 ½”, tri-color LED, alpha numeric display  Extra loud horn provides alerts over background noise; integral silence button allows audible alert to be deactivated while visual alarm continues to indicate status for as long as gas concentration exceeds the alarm threshold.  RS-485 for communications with Steri-Trac Area Monitors  DC power is provided via the signal cable from the associated Steri-Trac Area Monitor. Each monitor can power up to 3 Steri-Trac Remote Display Repeaters. STERI-TRAC® AREA MONITORS OFFER CONTINUOUS GAS MONITORING FOR POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS INCLUDING PERACETIC ACID, ETHYLENE OXIDE, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, OXYGEN AND OZONE. Gas Monitors are installed in areas close to the source but also near the workers’ breathing zone for improved safety and accurate, timely detection. Steri-Trac® peripherals ensure that gas monitoring and display points meet the needs of your unique facility and staff.

2. Chemical biocides are effective and essential tools for preventing the spread of disease in hospitals as well as for food safety and longevity of shelf life, however, they can also have health risks for the people who use them in their work. Failure of fans or exhaust equipment, machine wear and tear, or accidental leaks and spills are all unpredictable conditions which can cause vapor levels to reach potentially dangerous levels. In industries being scrutinized by organizations such as NIOSH, OSHA, the Joint Commission, and others, it is essential to stay on the cutting edge of safety technology. Steri-Trac Gas Monitoring helps you maintain that edge and reassure workers and safety professionals that the breathing environment remains safe. Single point or Multi-Point/ Multi-Gas Monitoring Systems provide versatility to meet worker safety requirements today and as your monitoring needs change. Supports Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, and Ozone.  Each Steri-Trac monitor displays its own gas readings enabling appropriate monitoring by area and/or machine.  Intuitive LED display of gas concentrations plus clear audible and visual alerts improve staff productivity because they will know when the area is safe.  Exchangeable EnviroCell™ Sensor Modules ensure reliable and accurate gas readings through ChemDAQ’s SXP® Sensor Calibration / Exchange Program.  Dry contact relay outputs enable connecting the area monitors to existing facility maintenance and alarm systems for automatic notification and control.  Steri-Trac monitors can be tied to ChemDAQ’s DAQ™ Central Monitoring System to continuously Gather, Analyze, Report and Display toxic gas readings. SafeCide™ Peracetic Acid Monitor Chemical intervention is an essential part of ensuring a safe product is delivered to the public. Meat and Poultry processors frequently use Peracetic Acid as their intervention chemical of choice, however its use is not without potential health hazards for the personnel using it in their work. SafeCide AS AN INDUSTRY UNDER SCRUTINY FROM OSHA, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU REMAIN CURRENT WITH THE LATEST SAFETY TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE TO PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES. THE SAFECIDE™ PORTABLE MONITOR ALLOWS YOU TO LOG VAPOR LEVELS AT CRITICAL JUNCTURES SUCH AS LINE START-UP OR WHEN WORKERS EXPRESS CONCERNS. SafeCide, ChemDAQ’s new tablet based system, allows you to maintain safety on the processing line where workers may be endangered by Peracetic Acid being used at spray bars or cabinets, dip tanks and chillers. Variables such as dilution levels, airflow changes, or failure of fans can result in fluctuations of chemical vapor exposure, making monitoring a safety necessity. SafeCide's sleek sensor clips directly to the water-resistant pouch and neck strap assembly. Our app based program comes preloaded on a Windows 8 tablet and is completely customizable to

5. DAQ - Data Monitoring: DAQ™ Central Monitoring System ChemDAQ’s DAQ™ Central Monitoring System is an easy to use management platform for all your toxic gases. Capable of simultaneously tracking exposure data from up to 32 Steri-Trac® Area Monitors with a user-friendly touch screen interface. The DAQ utilizes ChemDAQ “GARD” Technology to Gather, Analyze, Report and Display data in real time. Integrating the DAQ with your continuous monitoring system allows you to maintain records of your exposure levels and to analyze the data. Organizations such as OSHA and The Joint Commission are asking questions about how you are keeping employees safe. How will you answer? Gather  Continuous communication with up to 32 area monitors.  Diagnostic features to report errors from each monitor.  Upload gas concentration % LEL and alarm data from each area monitor in real time.  Automatic data storage and backup meets OSHA 30 year record keeping requirements. Analyze  OSHA time weighted averages; Permissible Exposure Limit – PEL; Excursion Limit – EL; or Short Term Exposure Limit - STEL; Action Level – AL (if applicable)  Other capabilities include: % LEL; EtO emissions track <1ppmv and 24-hour daily average per EPA NESHAP  For oxygen depletion, calculate and track % concentration from each area monitor. Report  Generate reports to analyze historical data. Reporting options include:  Instantaneous concentration, alarms, time weighted averages  User defined windows in time  Graphic features for trend analysis Display  Color-coded graphical display shows the status of each area.  The DAQ displays each area’s current gas concentration, any acute alarms from the area monitor, current OSHA time weighted averages and any time weighted average alerts.

3. your needs. You can label data with comments, location, and user information. Simply launch the program, take your sample, and complete the log. SafeSide stores your readings and can calculate time weighted averages (TWA). The data collected is stored to a .csv file for easy export and data analysis. Why Monitor? You may hear reports of:  Irritated or burned skin and/or eyes.  Peracetic acid is very corrosive and on contact can severely irritate and burn skin and eyes.  Coughing, Nose or Throat irritation, or Shortness of breath.  Inhalation of the vapor can irritate the nose and throat, cause coughing and/or shortness of breath. EXCLUSIVE SENSOR CALIBRATION/EXCHANGE PROGRAM: SXP  Our yearly service program provides scheduled exchange of pre-calibrated PAA sensors at 4 month intervals.  Sensor modules are plug & play- simply swap and return used sensor in the shipping container provided using the pre-addressed, prepaid return shipping label. ChemDAQ’s Performance Promise: If you experience sensor issues or are uncertain of accuracy during the SXP period, simply contact ChemDAQ technical services for support. After consulting with our technicians if performance is in question, we’ll provide an exchange even if it’s outside of the scheduled cycle. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: All ChemDAQ Monitors Offer:  Selective, accurate PAA gas / vapor detection  PAA sensor with patent-pending filter technology, performance tested for accuracy by: leading producers of PAA, a manufacturer of aseptic filling equipment, University of Florence, and a US medical equipment manufacturer or Automated Endoscope Re- processors.  Clear Digital Displays and Loud Audible Alarms SafeCide Area Sample Monitoring  Fully Portable System  Tablet based for convenience and portability with an 8” LCD touch screen display  Easy Touch- Location tagging features convenient data labeling of the location being tested.  Water resistant tablet pouch with neck strap. Unit can be worn leaving hands free.  Bluetooth sensor communications for increased portability.  Sensor Module uses Rechargeable batteries  USB interface for downloading CSV file data to PC. Intrinsically Safe - STORAGE CABINET MONITORING


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