Safety Solutions for Protein Processing Plants

Peracetic Acid is used throughout your plant at varying concentration levels. It’s sprayed on the line, runs through your pipes, fills dip tanks and sits in storage totes. With so many points of exposure, a continuous monitoring solution is the most effective way to ensure your plant is safe for workers and USDA inspectors.

Identify Dangerous Areas


Keep Wet Environments Safe


Monitor & Control Exposure Levels


Reliable & Accurate Readings


SafeCide 2.0

Use ChemDAQ’s SafeCide 2.0 Portable Monitor to find hot spots throughout your plant. The handheld device provides accurate, real-time measurements of toxic Peracetic Acid vapors surrounding your spray bars and cabinets, dip tanks, chillers, and Food Safety Inspection service stations.  

ChemDAQ SafeCide 2.0 Peracetic Acid Portable Monitor
On-the-spot measurements of chemical vapors in parts per million (PPM)  
Bluetooth sensor works up to 30 feet for added worker safety and convenience

Track and export exposure data to the cloud for ongoing analysis 
Receive messaging alerts by email
Industrial Hygiene Mode for Time Weighted Average (TWA) exposure 


The VaporAlert is the first and only water-resistant monitor specifically designed to measure Peracetic Acid vapors in the wet areas of your plant. Designed to be used for day to day operations in wet areas such as spray bars, dip tanks and chillers.


Monitor and measure chemical vapors in real-time
Ensure wet areas such as spray bars, dip tanks and chillers are safe for workers

Automatically send readings to plant’s Programmable Logic Controller, Building Management  System and the  ChemDAQ Data Acquisition System

Steri-Trac 2

Solely relying on the ventilation system in a wet protein processing plant is risky. ChemDAQ’s Steri-Trac 2 Area Monitor connects to your air handling systems to control both ventilation and air extraction based on Peracetic Acid exposure levels. 

You can also install this stationery monitor in hot spots throughout your plant to keep workers safe around-the-clock.

ChemDAQ Steri-Trac 2 Area Monitor
Outputs both visual and audible alerts to proactively prevent exposure
Fixed display using an acrylic stand or wall mount

Easy to set up and use 
Produces an “Impending Alert” when exposure is approaching unsafe limits
Collects and stores exposure data in the cloud for ongoing analysis and reporting 

E-Cell Sensor

Our E-Cell® Sensor provides a truly accurate reading of Peracetic Acid vapors due to an innovative filter that removes all H2O2. Unlike other suppliers, ChemDAQ’s patent-pending sensor is calibrated with Peracetic Acid test gas to ensure top safety and performance. The E-Cell sensor powers our portable SafeCide 2.0 monitor, the stationary Steri-Trac 2+ Area monitor, and the water-resistant iSCI monitor.


Don’t Be the Next Headline


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Seafood Plant Evacuated, 30 Workers Hospitalized After Peracetic Acid Exposure



Workers experience respiratory and eye irritation due to vapor issues in food processing plant

Worried about Overexposure to Peracetic Acid?  

 ChemDAQ is a leading provider of Peracetic Acid monitoring solutions to ensure worker safety and prevent plant shutdowns. Contact us about a Free Onsite Safety Assessment of your U.S.-based plant.


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