Portable Air Monitor

SafeCide Portable Monitor

Know Your Environment

SafeCide provides fast, accurate, real-time measurements of chemical vapor – giving you the ability to address concerns in real-time and prevent problems from developing.

  • Easy to use Microsoft Windows based tablet
  • Real-time measurement of vapor concentration in parts per million (PPM)
  • Continuous calculations of 8 hour and 15-minute time weighted averages (TWA)
  • Data is collected and stored in a .csv format and is easily downloadable for analysis and reporting
  • Accurate and reliable detection below Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL's)
ChemDAQ monitors air environment for Peracetic Acid, Ethylene Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide.

A portable monitor that detects levels of Peracetic Acid, Ethylene Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide in the work environment.

Our portable air monitors all come configured to meet national guidelines, with the capability of customizing multiple aspects.  We design to create the easiest way for you to keep your employees safe.

  • Visual and audible alerts are factory set to meet national guidelines, but can be customized for unique applications
  • Bluetooth sensor communication provides for easy sensor placement
  • Flexible design allows the end user to switch between gases, such as, PAA and H2O2 gases when paired with the appropriate sensor
  • Two modes of operation - Environment Sampling Mode - Industrial Hygiene mode

The SafeCide monitoring system comes with a specifically designed carrying case for easy transport

Individual component cutouts keep the sensor, tablet and accessories protected and clean

This case carries everything your company will need to keep your employees safe from peracetic acid, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide.

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