ChemDAQ's DAQ and Accessories


Data Acquisition System

Our data acquisition system (DAQ®) receives real-time data and tracks it from multiple different monitors simultaneously.  All monitoring points will be viewable from a single location.  The DAQ will organize your data and information in a report format for easy reading and presentation.

  • Continuously tracks gas concentrations from up to 32 area monitors.
  • Touch screen controls
  • Standalone system, password protected
  • Calculates OSHA permissible exposure limits and gas concentrations across all monitored areas
  • Provides "Impending" Alerts based on prescribed exposure limits 

Proprietary Software

Continuously tracks Long Term Exposure (PEL) and Short Term Exposure (EL, STEL)

"Impending" Alerts

Enables Pro-active Response to Escalating Levels of Toxic Gases or Vapors

Exposure Data

Automatically Stores Exposure Data for Future Analysis and Reporting

Steri-Trac Remote Display Repeater

  • Area monitor can be connected to one or more remote display repeaters
  • RDR's are wall mounted outside of monitored areas to warn personnel of gas levels prior to entry.
  • Duplicates information received from the area monitor, including audible and visual alarms.

Steri-Trac Remote Video Display

  • Duplicates display from DAQ Computer onto a video monitor
  • Workers and supervisors can view all sensors from a single location