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ChemDAQ has been a leader in Ethylene Oxide (EtO) monitoring solutions in the U.S. for more than 20 years. We hold patented EtO detection technology that provides unmatched accuracy and specificity at occupational safety levels. Our suite of products offers an array of solutions to keep workers safe–from sterilization to distribution facilities across the world. 
Join hundreds of customers who rely on our EtO monitoring systems to protect their workers and keep operations running smoothly. 

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EtO, while a known cancer-causing agent, plays a critical role in the sterilization process for medical devices relied on by so many today. This presents a unique challenge for companies in this industry who are working to prioritize worker health and safety throughout the supply chain process, while managing the distribution of these vital medical devices across the country and around the world. 

Sought-After Solutions for EtO

Off-Gassing and Personal Monitoring

SAFECIDE 2.0 portable instrument

Readings via Multiple Protocols

Sensor communication interface (SCI)

Continuous Exposure Monitoring

Fixed point monitoring

Analyze and Display
Exposure Data



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SafeCide 2.0

Our handheld, portable monitor provides real-time, on-the-spot measurements in parts per million (ppm).

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Sensor Communication 

The SCI sends vapor readings directly to ChemDAQ's Data Acquisition System (DAQ), PLC or BMS for automatic, easy-to-access results. 

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Our multi-point fixed monitoring solution continuously and simultaneously measures EtO vapor levels in the air, generates visual and audible alerts to prevent exposure, and stores data for  reporting and data archiving. 

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Data Acquisition System (DAQ)

The DAQ is a computer software system that GARDS your facility 24/7/365. The DAQ Gathers, Analyses, Reports, Displays, and Stores (GARDS) immediate, short and long-term exposure data simultaneously for up to 32 monitoring points. 

The Complete Solution for EtO Monitoring

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Intrinsically Safe ETO Sensor

The Steri-Trac 1 sensor, which is used to support our EtO monitoring solutions, is intrinsically safe and incorporates our patented chemical filter technology for increased accuracy and specificity. 

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Intrinsically Safe Oxygen & Lower Detection Limit Sensors

Monitor all parameters of your sterilization process by adding additional monitoring points for Oxygen and Lower Detection Limit operations. Our DAQ can gather, analyze, report and display all sterilization gas parameters continuously and simultaneously on one system. 

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