Establish a Higher Standard of Safety in Your Sterilization or Endoscopy Department

The most effective way to provide the maximum amount of protection for your workers is continuous, around-the-clock monitoring.  This “Top 5 Reasons to Monitor” article explains why.

Use ChemDAQ’s Monitoring Solutions to:

Protect workers from escaping toxic vapors aka “fugitive emissions” 
Discover leaks in malfunctioning equipment  
Protect against dangers caused by human error

Proactively track and analyze exposure data
Build best practices
for worker safety  
Store data to ensure OSHA compliance

View monitored areas simultaneously from one location

Leading medical facilities trust ChemDAQ’s reliable and accurate patented technology suite

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Protecting Your People Protects Your Business

Continuously Monitoring Sterilant Chemicals in the Workplace Prevents

  • Serious Health Risks

  • OSHA Violations and Hefty Fines

  • Higher Insurance Premiums

  • Bad Press

  • Shutdowns and Loss of Production

  • Lawsuits

Free Safety Assessment

ChemDAQ is a leading provider of  monitoring solutions to  ensure worker safety and prevent plant shutdowns. Contact us about a Free Onsite Safety Assessment of your U.S.-based operations.


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