Products Overview

We help to keep employees safe

ChemDAQ® helps you maintain a safe, productive work environment by providing best-in-class monitoring products for Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ethylene Oxide. Environmental monitoring protects employees from the acute and chronic health affects of sterilant gas exposure by recording concentrations in real-time and providing alerts for proactive protection.

A gas monitoring system coupled with safe work practices and a comprehensive education program are the best ways to assure employee safety and maximize productivity.

At ChemDAQ, we are committed to helping create a safe work environment.

Product Features

Find the right fit for your company.

Adapt to your environment

We offer monitors in both portable (SafeCide) and fixed (Steri-Trac) varieties to fit to any environment.

Various chemical monitoring

Whether it is hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide and/or peracetic acid, we have a monitor for your company.

Real-time results

ChemDAQ's chemical monitors come with real-time measurement of vapor concentration in parts per million (PPM).

Continuous readings

Our monitors offer 15-minute and 8 hour time weighted average (TWA) gas readings.

Easy to use

Touch screen monitoring allows the user to quickly change the gas monitored.

Advanced technology

All of our monitors data downloads to local devices and are equipped with Wireless Bluetooth technology.

Portable MOnitor

Learn if our portable monitors are the right fit for your industry.

Fixed Monitor

Would a fixed monitor make more sense for your company?

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