What’s in a Name?

While attending the 2015 Conference of the Central Services Association of Ontario (CSAO) as a speaker, I learnt that of a movement to change the name of central service or sterile processing departments to Medical Device Reprocessing Departments.

Here in the US, the names are also confusing. Names for this department include ‘The central sterile services department (CSSD)’, ‘sterile processing department’, and the ‘central supply department (CSD’), The main trade association, the International Association of Healthcare Materiel Management (IAHCSMM), seems to use Central Services as its preferred term but some organizations use both Central Service and Sterile Processing in order to be inclusive.

The CSAO’s name change for the profession does make sense since it more clearly states what the department does and raises the awareness of the importance and skill required to reprocess the broad array of modern devices used in healthcare effectively. One can only hope it does not just become another entry on the list of possible names for this department.