What You Smell May Harm You!

Peracetic Acid (PAA) is an excellent antimicrobial agent. It destroys microbes and leaves no residue. As a result, PAA is used extensively in the Food & Beverage and Healthcare industries. Even though it is safe for consumers and patients, PAA can be dangerous to employees working with the chemical.

PAA can cause noticeable irritation to the skin and eyes. Exposure to its vapors can also irritate the lungs and cause shortness of breath. Long term and high exposure can cause permanent health issues.

If PAA is being used in your work environment, you can probably smell it. If you can smell it, you are being exposed. If you are being exposed, you need to know if you are within safe levels. For more information on Peracetic Acid, visit www.chemdaq.com.

Know You Are Safe – Monitor Your PAA


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