Do You Know the Risks of Using Chemical Biocides?

Do you use the biocides Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide or Ethylene Oxide? Do you know the health risks involved when using these chemicals?

What are biocides? Biocides are designed to kill all forms of life. Due to their toxicity toward biological organisms, they can be hazardous to human health and careful use is required. Exposure to high concentrations of these chemicals is dangerous and poses a serious health risk. When working with biocides, it is important to monitor your surroundings to ensure the chemical vapors are at a safe level.

                                                                                                                                        HEALTH RISKS

Peracetic Acid: Pulmonary edema, Permanent lung damage, Permanent skin damage, Damaged mucous membranes, and Skin burns

Hydrogen Peroxide: A mutagen (ACGIH - a "confirmed animal carcinogen with unknown relevance to humans"), Pulmonary edema, Eye damage, Damaged mucous membranes, Skin burns, and Skin and hair bleaching.

Ethylene Oxide: Human carcinogen, mutagen and teratogen, Pulmonary edema, Permanent lung damage, Permanent eye damage, Damaged mucous membranes, skin burns, Chemical burns, Affects both male and female reproductive systems (higher risk of miscarriages in women).