ChemDAQ Distribution Agreement with SciCan Ltd Expands Availability of Sterilant Vapor Detection in Canadian Hospitals.

Steri-Trac™ Sterilant Gas Monitoring Systems contribute to a safer work environment by detecting toxic vapors of chemicals used in sterile processing.


March 16, 2015, Pittsburgh, PA– ChemDAQ Inc., the leader in environmental monitoring systems for low-temperature and liquid chemical sterilants, announced a distribution agreement with SciCan Ltd., a full spectrum infection control solution provider. SciCan will offer ChemDAQ’s Steri-Trac® line of environmental monitoring systems for Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone and Ethylene Oxide vapors. This agreement signifies a major step within the Canadian hospital market, enabling hospitals to comply with CSA Standards, provincial regulations, and the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) regulations.

Modern sterilizers are made to very high standards, however, normal wear and tear, user error and failure of engineering controls can, and does, occur. Continuous monitoring is the only way to immediately detect levels of toxic vapors to which employees are exposed.

Dave Hilliker, CEO of ChemDAQ states, “Continuous monitoring for chemical vapors in sterile processing departments is critically important for workers. Without monitoring these toxic chemical vapors sterile processing professionals simply don’t know what their exposure level is. If they don’t know, then they’re at risk and not compliant with safety regulations. Anyone working within a sterile processing department is at risk of exposure.  SciCan recognizes the need to keep sterile processing professionals safe and compliant by monitoring chemical vapor levels.”

ChemDAQ’s mission is to ensure the safe and continued use of biocidal chemicals, which aligns perfectly with SciCan’s mission to provide safe, effective products to sterile processing departments. “SciCan Medical remains at the forefront of efforts to provide Sterile Processing Departments with the most innovative, effective and safest products available on the market. This agreement highlights our determination to go further in the protection of hospital workers in Canada” said Patrick Hennessy, Director of Medical Sales North America at SciCan Ltd.

About ChemDAQ, Inc.

ChemDAQ, based in Pittsburgh, PA. ChemDAQ Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and sells gas detection systems for sterilants and disinfectants used in healthcare, medical device manufacturing, and food and beverage industries. As a provider of best in class environmental monitoring solutions ChemDAQ helps assure regulatory compliance and protection of workers from overexposure to chemical biocides in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. Steri-Trac™ is a trademark of ChemDAQ Inc. For more information, visit

About SciCan Ltd.

SciCan is a full spectrum infection control solutions provider working together with industry professionals and regulators to provide the market with the most innovative and effective products available. However, SciCan is more than just products. SciCan Infection Control experts bring with them solutions resulting from years of experience in design, work flow and sound ergonomics. SciCan’s knowledge of infection control is evident in its design and planning approach which is made available to customers before, during and after the process of upgrading or redesigning your facility. For more information, visit



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