AAMI Releases New Videos for Sterilization Professionals.

With an appreciation for the fact that proper sterilization of medical instruments and devices is an area of intensified focus, AAMI has developed two new videos to help professionals in this crucial field.

One of the two was scripted by ChemDAQ’s own Dr. Richard Warburton!

Personnel Safety in Sterile Processing Departments, covers a lot of ground in 60 minutes, explaining, for example, the common hazards typically found in a sterile processing department; relevant rules, regulations, and standards; and guidance on the safe storage, handling, and disposal of contaminated items and chemical agents.

“It is one thing to read a paper or hear a presentation, but most people learn much better when they see things visually, so a video such as this one should help get the safety message across better,” said Dr. Warburton. “I hope viewers find it helpful. I was very conscious of the need for visual presentation.”

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