AAMI Offers New Training Video: Personnel Safety in Sterile Processing Departments

A new 60 minute training video on personnel safety in sterile processing departments, whose script was written by ChemDAQ’s Richard Warburton,
is now available from AAMI .

It includes practical guidance on:

  • Legal duties and who’s who among the relevant regulatory agencies and professional organizations
  • Common hazards encountered in the sterile processing department
  • Bloodborne pathogens and infection prevention
  • Proper selection, use, and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Relevant standards that pertain to the use of PPE, steam and chemical sterilization, and ethylene oxide
  • Safe storage, handling, and disposal of contaminated items and chemical agents
  • Key elements of engineering controls that promote safe handling of sterilants and high-level disinfectants
  • Appropriate labelling of chemicals
  • Responsibilities of employers and staff in preventing, managing, and reporting accidents in the workplace.

For more details visit the AAMI website at http://my.aami.org/store/detail.aspx?id=VID-PSSP