AAMI Approves Regulatory Guidance Report

Ever tried to untangle fishing line? It is about hard as finding which occupational safety and health regulations apply to Sterile Processing/Central Services. Part of the problem is that there is not just one OSHA regulation but hundreds of them, and the trick is not only finding them, but determining which ones apply to Sterile Processing/Central Services and which ones are more geared towards sheep farming or steel mills.

AAMI’s Chemical Sterilants Hospital Practices Working Group (WG 61) just provided the trick! The Working Group has written a Technical Information Report (TIR 67) which gathers all the US federal occupational safety regulations for Sterile Processing/Central Services in one place and sorts them out in a simple easy to use way. It will now be much easier to ensure that one is complying with all the relevant OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1000, 1200, 1030, 1047 (air contaminants, hazard communications, bloodborne pathogens, ethylene oxide) standards to name a few.

The new TIR has been approved by the Working Group and will go to the AAMI board for their approval prior to publication. We hope to see it in print by the end of the year or early 2018. While this document should greatly help untangle federal safety regulations, unfortunately AAMI still can’t help with fishing line. ChemDAQ is a member of AAMI’s WG 61.