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Are you safe? How do you know?

Breaking News: Another outbreak of tainted scopes

August 2015 — 301 views Healthcare

Aseptic and Antimicrobial Processing and Packaging Association Forms to Lead Industry-Wide Worker Protection, Training, and Communication Efforts

August 2015 — 350 views Aseptic Packaging Peracetic Acid

FDA Warns Endoscope Manufacturers

August 2015 — 181 views Healthcare

The On-going Saga of the EU-US Chicken Wars

August 2015 — 286 views Peracetic Acid Poultry

OSHA Extends Comment Period for Chemical Management and PEL

August 2015 — 537 views OSHA Regulatory

Throwback Thursday: The need to monitor Peracetic Acid in Chicken Processing Plants

August 2015 — 287 views Peracetic Acid Poultry

Cleaning Hospital Room Surfaces to Prevent Health Care–Associated Infections

August 2015 — 141 views Healthcare

Industry News – FDA Safety Communication: Supplemental Measures to Enhance Duodenoscope Reprocessing

August 2015 — 335 views FDA Healthcare

A New Occupational Exposure Limit for OPA?

July 2015 — 426 views OPA Regulatory

Most Healthcare Workers Improperly Remove Potentially Infectious PPE

July 2015 — 133 views Healthcare

Connecticut requires CS Technician Certification

July 2015 — 136 views Healthcare

NIOSH Says USDA Does Not Consider Safety When approving Chemicals

May 2015 — 534 views NIOSH Regulatory USDA

OSHA Closes Complaint Against Hospital for PAA Exposure Because of Lack of Ability to Measure PAA

May 2015 — 227 views Healthcare Peracetic Acid

FDA Committee Recommends Sterilization of Duodenoscopes

May 2015 — 314 views FDA Healthcare

Industry News: OSHA Renews Alliance with SCHC

May 2015 — 481 views OSHA Regulatory

The Elusive Odor Theshold for Hydrogen Peroxide

May 2015 — 390 views Hydrogen Peroxide

Will the FDA Require Sterilization of Scopes?

May 2015 — 299 views FDA Healthcare

AAMI Publishes New Endoscope Reprocessing Standard

April 2015 — 137 views Healthcare

ChemDAQ Distribution Agreement with SciCan Ltd Expands Availability of Sterilant Vapor Detection in Canadian Hospitals.

April 2015 — 154 views Healthcare

TSO3’s New Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer

March 2015 — 377 views Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide