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Below we have listed our different product information for the chemicals discussed. These products include portable and fixed monitors.

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Stei-Trac 2+

ChemDAQ's continuous monitor ensures your employees are safe in real-time. The ST2+ fixed monitor pairs with our PAA E-Cell sensor to continuously monitor and alert you to hazardous vapor levels in the air. This provides a fully integrated, intuitive system with flexible options for monitoring Peracetic Acid exposure.

  • Real-time measurement of vapor concentration in parts per million, while simultaneously calculating an 8 hour and 15 minute time weighted average (TWA)

  • Easy to use "plug & play" setup

  • Mount by acrylic stand or wall mount

  • Visual and audible alerts are factory set to meet regulatory requirements, but are customizable to user preference

  • "Impending" alerts warn as exposure is approaching unsafe limits allowing for proactive measures to prevent exposure to hazardous chemical vapors

  • Data collected and stored in .csv format and is downloadable for analysis and reporting purposes

SafeCide 2.0

Our SafeCide personal monitor is a ruggedized handheld device that operates as a fully portable gas monitoring system. Our portable monitor provides fast, accurate, real-time measurements of chemical vapor, giving you the ability to address concerns in real-time and prevent problems from developing. Ruggedized handheld device, running the ChemDAQ software on an Android platform

  • Real-time measurement of vapor concentration in parts per million (PPM)

  • Two modes of operation

    • Environment Sampling Mode: Spot checking

    • Industrial Hygiene Mode: 8 hour & 15 minute TWA

  • Bluetooth sensor communication provides for easy sensor placement, up to 30 feet

  • Track exposure data, which can be exported to storage device or cloud via wifi for further analysis

  • Alert messaging by email

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