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Steri-Trac® Series

As ChemDAQ’s premier fixed area monitoring system, the Steri-Trac series of products are designed to continuously measure and alert you to hazardous vapor levels in the air.

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Sensor Communication Interface (SCI™)

The SCI is a multi-configurable monitoring solution to accurately and reliably detect EtO, PAA or H2O2 vapors throughout your facility and communicate readings to a compatible data system for enhanced connectivity.

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SafeCide™ Series

Quickly and easily detect hazardous areas with the SafeCide series, a portable monitoring system to provide real-time measurements on the floor and easily identify hot spots and leaks. ​

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VaporAlert™ Series

ChemDAQ’s water-resistant monitoring system, the VaporAlert™ is specifically designed to continuously monitor PAA and H2O2 vapor levels in the wet areas of your plant.

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