Storage & Laboratory Cabinet Gas Detection System

ChemDAQ’s Intrinsically Safe Monitors are designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as cabinets storing ethylene oxide, or other flammable gases.

Electrical equipment is a potential source of ignition in locations where flammable gases or vapors are present and require the use of intrinsically safe components. Ethylene oxide is one such chemical where additional protection is needed. Some industries, such as those that use large amounts of combustible gases and liquids not only require monitoring for employee exposure to the compounds themselves, if toxic, but also monitoring of oxygen depletion and measurement of the explosive levels of gas in the air. ChemDAQ’s Steri-Trac® Intrinsically Safe Sensor was designed and certified for all of these applications.

As required for all classified hazardous areas, ChemDAQ offers an Intrinsically Safe Barrier Box,specifically designed to operate with the Steri-Trac Intrinsically Safe Sensors.

Ethylene Oxide Sensors are placed inside the classified hazardous area and gas concentrations are shown on the area monitor’s large color-coded LED display outside the room. Connecting to the monitor’s dry contact alarm outputs allows you to trigger an intrinsically safe beacon or audible alarm inside the classified area should you want to alert employees working inside. ChemDAQ’s Intrinsically Safe Monitors are NTL Listed under UL 61010-1/CSA C22.2 and Intrinsically Safe Certified for Class 1, Division1, Group C&D, Class 1, Zone 0.


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