Hazardous Gas Monitoring

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At ChemDAQ, we want to make gas detection as simple as possible so you can focus on your mission. We provide a fully integrated, intuitive system with flexible options for monitoring multiple gases – all in one place. We even take care of the maintenance and calibration for you.

Easy and Accurate Real-Time Area Monitoring

  • Measurement of environmental vapor concentrations in PPM
  • Accurate and reliable detection below Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs)
  • Open interfaces available for easy integration to existing monitoring and control systems

No Hassle Sensor Calibration/Exchange Program (SXP®)

  • ChemDAQ ships you a new, calibrated sensor ~3 times per year
  • Easily remove old sensor & replace with new
  • Eliminates the cost and time associated with in-house calibration
  • Ensures accurate and reliable system performance

Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software

DAQ Trans

  • Collects and stores your exposure levels for easy analysis and regulation compliance
  • Continuously calculates 8 hour & 15 minute average exposures
  • “Impending alerts” provide early warning before OELs are reached
  • Central display brings all gases monitored together in one place

Know BEFORE employees are exposed to vapors above exposure limits with Steri-Trac®


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