ChemDAQ Joins Hundreds of Sterile Processing Professionals 

at the 2023 HSPA Annual Conference

Exhibit designed to highlight the importance of chemical vapor monitoring in sterile processing departments

May 16, 2023 (Nashville, TN) - ChemDAQ, Inc. recently joined the lineup of exhibitors at the 2023 Healthcare Sterile Processing Association’s (HSPA) Annual Conference to showcase the significant role chemical vapor monitoring plays in worker safety throughout sterile processing departments.

The two-day exhibition garnered record-breaking attendance and hosted a variety of sterile processing professionals – from sterile processing department chiefs to lead technicians. All attendees gathered together with the same goal: to collaborate and discuss ways to improve sterile processing operations in hospitals across the country. 

“ChemDAQ has been proudly serving sterile processing departments with chemical monitoring technology for nearly 20 years, and we were pleased to gather with so many professionals dedicated to the safe operation of these departments,” said David Hilliker, President & CEO of ChemDAQ. 

Throughout the conference, ChemDAQ met with both existing and prospective new customers to share insights on the importance of monitoring for hazardous vapors of Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid and Ethylene Oxide – three sterilant gases commonly used to kill harmful bacteria and sterilize medical equipment used throughout day-to-day patient care. 

This essential process requires workers to employ high concentrations of these gases in sterilization machines to ensure common medical instruments – from endoscopes to surgical equipment -- are safe and ready to use. Such high concentrations can result in workplace exposure to hazardous gas vapors from the machines, most commonly during the unloading process, or if a gas leak occurs.

With worker safety a pillar of the conference, ChemDAQ was able to demonstrate both fixed and portable monitoring solutions to accurately and precisely detect exposure levels in real-time against occupational exposure limits and alert sterile processing workers if and when their environment becomes unsafe. 

“ChemDAQ is a worker safety company at heart, which is why we love events like the 2023 HSPA Annual Conference that allow us to interact with professionals who are directly impacted by the benefits of our monitoring systems,” said Alex Hilliker, Chief Operating Officer at ChemDAQ. “We’re grateful to serve some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States, but there are still more opportunities to monitor. We look forward to continuing our momentum from the conference and serving this vital industry now and for years to come.” 

To learn more about the research presented at the ChemDAQ exhibitor booth and available monitoring systems, click here.

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ChemDAQ is a rapidly-growing manufacturer based out of Pittsburgh, PA known for its specialized chemical monitoring and control solutions to reliably detect and measure Peracetic Acid, Ethylene Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide gas vapors in the workplace. Recognized as an industry leader, the company operates across 6 continents and serves more than 600 customers across healthcare and industrial industries worldwide. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn. 

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