Information on Respirators for Peracetic Acid


We are sometimes asked about the appropriate respirator to use with Peracetic Acid. Here is some information for some of the leading brands.

There are two types of respirators, supplied air and filtered air. The respirators discussed below are filtered air types and operate by drawing the air through cartridges with absorbent materials that filter out the contaminants. A respirator for Peracetic Acid needs to keep out Peracetic Acid, acetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide vapors since all three vapors may be present.

Solvay tested respirators from MSA, mind Draeger and 3M and found that all the cartridges were effective in removing both the individual chemicals and the PAA mixture from the air stream quantitatively. The cartridges tested were:
• 3M organic vapor/acid gas (OV/AG),
• 3M organic vapor (OV)
• 3M multipurpose type (ABEK2P3)
• Mine Safety Appliance (MSA) multipurpose type (GME)
• Draeger multipurpose type (A2B2E2K1P2)

3M have done their own testing with their 6003 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge and 6006 Multi-Gas/Vapor Cartridges, and found that both are effective for Peracetic Acidhydrogen peroxide and acetic acid.

Draeger lists PAA among the gases that their respirators can remove and recommends the B2 (medium capacity, inorganic gases and vapors).

No other information was found for MSA respirators and Peracetic Acid .

Please Note that ChemDAQ does not sell respirators, we have not performed any product evaluation or testing and make no recommendation of one brand over another. We are merely summarizing published information and we accept no liability for its accuracy.

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