Can Sterilizer Design Really Guarantee Your Safety?

A medical center in the Northeast United States was experiencing readings on their Steri-Trac® Hydrogen Peroxide gas detection monitor. The readings occurred when their Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilizer was in operation. After investigating the symptoms with ChemDAQ® technical services, the customer decided to request maintenance service from the sterilizer manufacturer. After sterilizer field technician serviced the sterilizer the problem was solved. ChemDAQ® was not informed of the specific repairs that were performed.

It is a common misconception that sterilizer safety features eliminate the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals by users. While safety features like interlock switches and sub atmospheric chamber pressures are effective design features to protect employees, all equipment is susceptible to malfunction during the useful life of the equipment. There is also a risk of exposure due to operator error. Since these chemical sterilants are toxic at levels below that which can be detected by human senses a continuous gas detection system greatly increases the safety of the sterile processing workers.

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