A Hospital in the southern states was experiencing alarms on their Steri-Trac Hydrogen Peroxide gas detection monitor. The alarms were occurring each time their Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilizer was in use. ChemDAQ’s technical support representative assisted the customer in determining the cause for the alarms. The sterilizer manufacturer was called to perform corrective maintenance. After the maintenance was complete the problem was resolved. ChemDAQ® was not informed of the nature of the repair.

At no time in history has equipment design been safer. Technology has improved along with product safety requirements. Despite these improvements gas detection is widely accepted as prudent protection against exposure to toxic vapors and gases. Take for example home gas furnaces. No one disputes that these modern, high tech household appliances are designed with extensive safety features. They even utilize computers that monitor safety features as do sterilizers.

Everyone would agree that due to normal wear and unexpected malfunction there is the potential for Carbon Monoxide to leak into the home and CO gas detection alarms are common place. While most analogies are not perfect the main point is very clear. Where invisible toxic vapors and gases are concerned how can you be sure the air is safe unless you are using a gas detection alarm?

This is why ChemDAQ® created the slogan “Are you safe? How do you know?”.


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